large intestine channel general info

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  1. LI begins
    LI 1
  2. LI crossing points
    • ST 4
    • ST 12
  3. LI organs entered
    LI, LU
  4. Linkage of LI
    LI 20 to ST 1
  5. LI 19 and 20
    pathway crosses to the other side of the face (DU 26)
  6. pathologies of LI channel
    epistaxis, watery nasal discharge, toothache, congested and sore throat, pain in the neck anterior part of shoulder and anterior border of the lateral aspect of the upper limb, borborygmus, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and dysentery
  7. LI luo pathway
    beings at LI 6 (3 cun above wrist crease) and joins with the lung channel, ascends the arm to LI 15 and through the jaw and teeth and nose and enters the ear
  8. LI luo xu symptoms
    • sensation of coldness in teeth
    • sensitivity to cold food\drink on the teeth
    • fullness and congestion in the chest
    • a stilfling sensation in teh cheast and diaphram
  9. LI luo channel shi symptoms
    • toothache
    • gum disease
    • deafness
    • ear disorders
  10. LI TMM\Sinew channel pathologies
    cramping and pain along course of channel. Inablity to turn (rotate) the neck left to right. Inability to raise the shoulder.
  11. LI Divergent channel pathway
    • seperates from LI primary channel on hand.
    • Ascends the arm to shoulder (LI 15)
    • Travels medially to spinal column
    • crosses to supraclavicular fossa; ascends to throat and down to LU + LI
    • A branch from SCF ascends along the throat and unites to lung primary channel at neck (LI 18)
  12. LI Divergent channel treats
    • benefits throat and voice
    • alleviates cough and wheeze
    • disorders of the chest and breast
    • pain in the chest, upper back, throat
  13. LI divergent channel seperates\diverges
    from LI primary channel on Hand
  14. LI divergent channel enters
    supraclaviular fossa
  15. LI divergent channel emerges
    supraclaviular fossa
  16. LI divergent channel converges at
    the throat (LI 18)
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