Social Studies - Ch. 2

  1. What did the earliest people from North America do?
    The earliest people from North America moved from place to place
  2. What is a midden?
    A midden is a large mound of shells and trash.
  3. What is a tribe?
    A tribe is a group of Native Americans who share the same leaders or culture.
  4. Where did the Tocobagas build their villages?
    The Tocobagas built their villages around a plaza.
  5. Where did the Apalaches live?
    The Apalaches lived in the western Panhandle.
  6. Where did the Timucuas live?
    The Timucuas lived through northeastern Florida.
  7. Why did the early Floridians begin to hunt smaller animals?
    The early Floridians began to hunt smaller animals, because very large animals became extinct.
  8. What happened when they started building a new road in Brevard County in 1992?
    Workers began building a new road in Brevard County in 1992 and discovered an 8,000 year old burial.
  9. What happened to the tribes that settled in different areas?
    Because different tribes settles in different parts of Florida, different Floridian tribes developed different cultures, or ways of living.
  10. What happened when a Tocobaga chief died?
    The Tocobaga villagers held a ceremony for the chief.
  11. Why is Jacques Le Moyne so important?
    Because Jacques Le Moyne visited Florida in 1564, his drawings and writings tell us about the lives on Native Floridians.
  12. What did The Timucuas use to build their houses?
    The Timucuas used wood to build their houses.
  13. How was the government of the Apalaches?
    The Apalaches government divided the power between two chiefs.
  14. How were tribes protected?
    Some Native American tribes paid tribute to other tribes in exchange for protection.
  15. How did the Tocobagas live?
    The Tocobagas lived in small vilalges, had corn, and built mounds.
  16. What did the Calusas' eat?
    The Calusas' main source of food was fish and shellfish.
  17. What happened when they learned pottery?
    Everyday tasks became easier for Native Floridians when they learned to make pottery.

    Items such as bowls, jugs, and pots made it easier to cook, store, and move water and food.
  18. What did Native Floridians not use?
    Native Floridians did not use coins to buy what they needed.
  19. What did artifacts do?
    Artifacts help scientists by providing clues about how early people lived.
  20. What happened when the Ice Age ended?
    When the Ie Age ended, early Floridians began to hunt smaller animals.
  21. How was Florida during the Ice Age?
    During the Ice Age, Florida was about twice as large as it is today. Its climate was cooler and it had less fresh water than it does today.
  22. Where did the Calusas settle?
    The Calusas settled in the southwestern coast of Florida.
  23. Where did the Tequestas settle?
    The Tequestas settled in the southeastern coast of Florida.
  24. Where did the Tocobagas settle?
    The Tocobagas settled near Tampa Bay.
  25. Where did the Apalaches settle?
    The Apalaches settled in the western Panhandle.
  26. Where did the Timucuas settle?
    The Timucuas settled in northeastern Florida.
  27. How did the earliest people settle in Florida?
    The first people in North America were nomads. They traveled from place to place to hunt large animals and to gather plants for food. At first, these people lived in small groups; over time, the groups grew larger and spread out through North and South America. About 12,000 years ago, some of these groups reached what is now Florida.
  28. About 4,000 and 1,200 years ago, the lives of Native Floridians changed.
    About 3,000 years ago, they began to build mounds.

    About 1,200 years ago, people began to grow maze and corn in Northern Florida.
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