12 Labors of Heracles

  1. 1) The Nemean Lion
    • Monster, son of Orthrus and Echidna.
    • Lived in a cave with two exits and was invulnerable.
    • Tried to shoot it with arrows; blocked one exit, cornered it, then strangled it.
    • Used its skin for clothing and head as helmet.
  2. 2) The Lernaean Hydra
    • Monster, daughter of Echidna and Typhon.
    • Guards the entrance to the underworld.
    • Snake with multiple heads; when one is cut two more grow in its place.
    • Heracles was helped by nephew Iolaus.
    • Heracles dipped his arrows in its poisonous blood.
    • Killed it by cauterizing wounds from heads so they could not grow back. Then cut off the center head, buried it and placed a rock on top of the ground.
  3. 3) The Erymanthian Boar
    • Heracles had to bring it back to Eurystheus alive. So he shouted and forced it from its lair.
    • Then tired it out by chasing it into the snow and brought it to his cousin who was hiding in a jar.
  4. 4) The Hind of Ceryneia
    • Sacred to Artemis; Heracles chased it for over a year.
    • When he finally caught it, he was stopped by Artemis and Apollo. He argued his case so well they allowed him to continue with the hind, but he did not kill it.
  5. 5) The Stymphalian Birds
    • Lived in a forest on the shores of Lake Stymphalus in Arcadia (they fled here to avoid wolf invasion).
    • They were a plague, ravaging all the crops.
    • Heracles used casanets of bronze to frighten them from the thickets, then killed them with arrows.
  6. 6) The Stables of Augia
    • Eurystheus wanted to humiliate Heracles by ordering him to do menial labor, by cleaning the stables of Augias.
    • He did it in a day by diverting a river through the stables. Heracles won a bet with Augias in the process, but Augias refused to pay. Heracles waged war on Augia.
  7. 7) The Cretan Bull
    • Minos vowed to sacrifice to Poseidon anything which appeared on the waters. When Minos saw the beauty of the bull he kept if for himself. Poseidon retaliated by making the bull untameable. Heracles was ordered to bring it to Eurysthes alive. He captured it and returned with it.
    • Eurysthes tried to offer it to Hera, but she refused because it was in the name of Heracles. She freed it and it wandered until it reached Attica.
  8. 8) The Mares of Diomedes
    • Podargus, Lampon, Xanthus, Deinus.
    • The mares ate human flesh. Heracles overpowered the grooms but was attacked by locals.
    • He entrusted them to Aberus for awhile, but he was killed. Heracles defeated the locals, killed Diomedes (king of Thrace and owner of the Mares).
    • Heracles founded a city in Aberus' memory. Eurysthes set the mares free, where upon they were devoured by wild beasts on Olympus.
  9. 9) The Girdle of Queen Hippolyta
    Heracles was ordered to retrieve it by Admete (Eurestheus' daughter). It was given to Hippolyta by Ares as a symbol of his power over her people. Hippolyta agreed to give him the belt, but Hera began a quarrell disguised as an Amazon, and in the following battle Heracles killed Hippolyta.
  10. 10) The Cattle of Geryon
    Located on island of Erythis, they were attended by Eurytion and a dog, Orthrus. Heracles crossed the ocean in the Cup of the Sun. He killed the herdsmen, dog and Geryon himself when he tried to stop Heracles.
  11. 11) Cerberus
    Heracles was ordered to descend to the Underwold and return with Cerberus the dog. He was led by Hermes, on the path of Taenarum. He agreed to marry Meleger's sister Deianeira; released Ascalaphus; overpowered Menoetes; and finally reached Pluto and received his permission to take Cerberus as long as he did not use weapons against the dog.
  12. 12) The Golden Apples of the Hesperides
    • Guarded by a hundred headed immortal dragon and 3 nymphs of the evening.
    • Learned the location from Nereus.
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