Chapter 9

  1. What is a DEA number?
    It is a unique number assigned to all practitioners who are authorized to prescribe controlled substances.
  2. What does DEA stand for?
    Drug Enforcement Agency
  3. What is a legend drug?
    A drug that requires a prescription
  4. What is a non-legend drug?
    A drug that does not require a prescription.
  5. What is the CSA?
    The 1970 Controlled Substance Act, Thier function is to stop the abuse of drugs.
  6. What is a Schedule I drug?
    A drug with no accepted medical use, but have a high risk for abuse. (ie. Heroin, LSD)
  7. What is a Schedule II drug?
    Drugs that have a high a buse potential with physic or physical dependence possibilities. These are narcotics, stimulants, and depressants. (ie. Opium, Codeine)
  8. What is a Schedule III drug?
    A drug with potential for abuse, but less than Schedule I and II. They are compounds which contain a limited amount of narcotics.
  9. What is a schedulve IV drug?
    These drugs have less potential for abuse.
  10. What is a schedule V drug?
    These have the least amount potential for abuse and may be aquired over the counter under 3 conditions. 1) The buyer is at least 18. 2)No more than 240mL. 3)Dispensed by a liscence Pharmacist
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