Chapter 7

  1. What is a chemical name?
    The chemical name is a description of the physical structure of the drug molecule. It tells what is in it and where it is attached.
  2. What is the Generic Name?
    The Generic Name is the name under which the NDA was approved by the FDA. It can also tell you what Pharmacological Class the drug falls under.
  3. What is the trade name?
    The trade name is the name put together by the manufacturer to create brand loyalty.
  4. What is the NDC number?
    The National Drug Code of a drug is a unique number, which identifies the drug's manufacturer, drug name, strength, dosages form, and package size. It is a series of three sets of numbers.
  5. What does the NDC's first set of numbers indicate?
    The manufacturer of the drug
  6. What does the NDC's middle set of numbers indicate?
    The specific drug entity
  7. What does the NDC's 3rd set of numbers indicate?
    The package size
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Chapter 7