massage national board 3

  1. what is the purpose of active resisted ROM
    to assess muscle strength
  2. what is bursitis?
    • inflamation of the bursa, overuse, trauma, infection, and other pathologies,
    • bursa reduces friction bt tendons and bones
  3. what technique can we use for tendonitis
    frictions and stretching
  4. what is tenovaginitis
    inflamation of the tendon sheat
  5. what we do for fibrous tissue
    more aggresive techniques, fricction and stretching with ice
  6. what is an axial condition
    scoliosis with winging scapulas
  7. what is hyperlordosis
    anterior pelvic tilt w excesive curve in the lumabar region
  8. what is spondylosis and what we do for it?
    bones start to fuse and we lengthen the spine
  9. what TOS do?
    compress the brachial plexus, numbness, pronator teres, compresses median nerve, tingling in fingers, pec minor
  10. what common pain syndrome affects the hip?
    • sciatica, piriformis symdrome,
    • pain will be feel in your back and hamstrings
  11. what is a terrible triad
    anterior cruciate, medial collateral medial meniscus
  12. what is a very common headache muscle
    rectus capitis posterior minor
  13. most common kind of sprain to the ankle
    lateral sprain
  14. where does platar facitis hurt ?
    • bottom of the feet, along medial soleus
    • pain is present in the mornig, whe Cx has no shoes. or after periods of sitting
  15. what we do for sinus headache?
    shoulders work, heat to promote drainage, may have a chronic migranes cool to forhead
  16. whar is the MC for cardiovascular problem?
  17. what kind of stokes with hypertension
    • short strokes
    • proximal to distal
    • never long strokes
  18. what will you see on the body with congestive heart failure?
    swelling, pitting edema
  19. where do CNS disorders occur?
    brain and spinal cord
  20. what hemiplegia look like in the body?
    • stoke occurs on the left side of the body
    • other side will be tight with flaccid paralysis
  21. what is paraplegia
    • paralysis of the lower extremitis (legs)
    • often bcz of trauma on the spinal cord
  22. what is MS
    • multiple sclerosis
    • scarring of the myellinn sheath
  23. what is polio from?
    • contaminated water
    • viral infection affecting the motor neurons in the spinal cord and brain stem
  24. what you can do for polio
    ROM & maintain tissue health
  25. how is arthritis clasified?
    • inflamatory or not
    • flare up or remision time
  26. what is osteoarthritis?
    • chronic, degenerative conditions, affect joints, specifically articular cartilage (hyaline cartilage) and subchondral bone
    • The cartilage covering bones (articular cartilage) is thinned, eventually completely worn out, resulting in a "bone against bone" joint, reduced motion and pain. Ost, affects the joints exposed to high stress and is therefore considered the result of "wear and tear" rather than a true disease
  27. what is chronic fatigue syndrome?
    • persisten fatigue, reduces activity levels for a least six months
    • muscle pain with no exertion (effort, use)
  28. what we do for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? CFS
    mostly relaxation massage
  29. how do they determine when you have a certain syndrome?
    only when you have a certain number of the criteria for that syndrome
  30. whit prescription from a doctor what problem do you treat?
    only that problem
  31. during the stretch phase do you inhale or exhale
  32. if you are massaging and feel a lump in the axila area, what you should do
    discontinue the massage and recomend to visit the MD
  33. how do you treat a edema in the upper limbs
    • proximal distal proximal
    • Lymphatic drainage
  34. what technique you can do over the spine?
    skin rolling
  35. if you see cramping in the leg what you may find?
    edema in the ankles
  36. wich stroke moves tissue under skin but not skin it self ?
  37. if someone has a pain in the hands, what will be the goal?
    incrase ability to open jars
  38. in wich direction would you massage the scalenes?
    down and away from the spine
  39. how long you keep the records for Cx
    10 years
  40. Cx comes to you after 30 min of work out what you will do?
    light, quick swedish
  41. Cx is HIV positive how you arrange the room
    warm, low lights,
  42. what kind of statment breaks confidenciality
    he is 35 and work for IBM doing research
  43. what will passive ROM applied for a prolonged time do
    activate the antagonist muscle
  44. what is release with heavy tapotement
  45. if a Cx had a surgery on the linea alba a week ago wich Tx is the best?
    lymphatic drainage and effleurage
  46. client reach you and touches your leg what you will do?
    clarify intencion of the Cx
  47. what is passive ROM for
    • discover contractures
    • evaluate flexivility
    • ROM
    • muscle strenght
  48. waht is palpation for
    asses o locate affected injury areas asses skin temperature ans spinal aligments
  49. how you will treat an adhesion on a muscle belly
    longitudinal friction
  50. what is vibration
    • trembling
    • shaking
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