Sacraments conf/euch

  1. What is the order of introductory rites?
    entrance song, greeting, holy water blessing, penitential rite, lord have mercy, glory to god, opening prayer
  2. What is the order of liturgy of the word?
    first reading, responsorial song, second reading, alleluia, gospel, homily, creed, petitions
  3. What is the order of liturgy of eucharist?
    gifts, preparation of gifts, prayer of gifts, preface, holyholy, prayer and institutoin narrative "this is my body...", memorial acclamation, great amen.
  4. What is the order of communion rite?
    our father, peace, breaking of bread, lamb of God, communion prayers, communion, reflection, prayer.
  5. What is the order of concluding rite?
    greeting, blessing, dismissal, closing song, recession
  6. consecration
    jesus' words of institution, changing of body and blood.
  7. communion
    recieving or the actual host and wine
  8. blessed sacrament
    bread or wine
  9. eucharist
    greek for "act of thanksgiving" or paschal mystery/ last supper or distibution of communion
  10. mass
    latin for "dismissed or sent" or name for eucharistic liturgy
  11. liturgy
    greek for "public service for the people" or a christian worship
  12. liturgy of word
    first and majory of mass with readings homily and petitions
  13. liturgy of eucharist
    second part of mass with presentation of gifts eucharistic prayers and communion
  14. homilist
    "breaks open the word" basically the preist who explains scripture in the homily
  15. sacrifice
    ofering made to god, meaningful
  16. lord's supper
    eucharistic worship in new testament, communion
  17. real presence
    christs presence at mass in the eucharist and blessed sacrament
  18. describe matthew mark luke
    all have institution narratives, called synoptic gospels
  19. confirmation
    means gifts of holy spirit is truly alive in christians
  20. holy spirit
    acts in small ways in peoples lives
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