Geography - Exam 4

  1. What five regions make up the Realm?
    India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mountainous North, Southern Islands
  2. Monsoons:
    Source of life, seasonal reversal of winds, essential for rice production. If it weren't for monsoons Burma and Myanmar wouldn't have the food they have, but lots of disease and ruined infrastructure and land from flash floods
  3. What brought India their freedom? (Modern India 1947-present day)
    The British not being able to afford their posessions anymore and Ghandi
  4. Most of Islam is located where?
  5. Where is most of Hinduism located?
  6. Where is Sikhism located?
    Northern India (clash w/Muslims in Pakistan)
  7. Where is Buddhism based (located)?
    Sri Lanka
  8. Define Hindu:
    Pantheon of gods representing natural forces
  9. In Hinduism, what are the 4 goals of life?
    Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha
  10. Define dharma:
    pursure human righteousness
  11. Define Artha:
    accumulation of worldly success
  12. Define Kama:
    spiritual love
  13. Define Moksha:
    release from empty pleasures and suffering
  14. Three main gods of Hinduism?
    Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver), and Shiva (destroyer)
  15. Vishnu:
    forgiveness and love; avatars, Buddha, Christ, Muhammad
  16. Samsara:
    reincarnations; transmigration of the soul
  17. Karma is important to which religion?
  18. Hindu caste system:
    Brahmins (priests), Kshatriyas (politicians, warriors), Vaishyas (merchants, doctors, lawyers, etc.)
  19. What religion is based on self-knowledge and the elimination of worldy desires?
  20. Dharma:
    realize the Truth
  21. Nirvana: (& how can you reach it?)
    Enlightenment; through the Middle Path
  22. What are the 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism?
    Life, selfishness is cause of suffering, these can be ended, answer is the 8-fold path (the way out)
  23. Eightfold Path to the Middle Way:
    Right: understanding, intent, speech, conduct, livelihood, effort, awareness, meditation
  24. What caused the removal/decline of Buddhism?
    The arrival of Islam in 8th century AD
  25. What is the economic capital of India?
    Mumbai (Bombay)
  26. Current capital of India?
    New Delhi
  27. What is the capital of Pakistan?
  28. Bangladesh is prone to what?
    Natural disasters: cyclones, flooding, droughts
  29. Country with a high population density and one of the poorest countries?
  30. What is the capital of Nepal?
  31. What is the capital of Bhutan?
  32. What is the capital of Vietnam?
  33. When did the US withdraw from the Vietnam War?
  34. Who won the Vietnam war and in what year?
    North in 1975
  35. Vietnam invaded which country and in what year?
    Cambodia 1979
  36. What were the Killing Fields?
    Khmer Rouge empty the cities and forced everyone to the fields in Cambodia
  37. What did Khmer Rouge do?
    Destroyed the culture of Cambodia, families, and social distinction until Vietnam invaded
  38. Where is the largest Muslim population?
  39. What is the capital of Indonesia?
  40. Largest recorded explosion?
    Krakatua (1883) in Indonesia
  41. Capital of philippines?
    Manila (on Luzon island)
  42. Language of the Aryans?
  43. Aryans belief system? What did it turn into?
    Vedism; Hinduism
  44. Hinduism's caste system:
    type of social class system; if you were in the lowest caste it was because you deserved it, couldn't advance, and were at the mercy of those higher than you
  45. What agriculture is Sri Lanka known for?
    Tea, rubber, and coconuts
  46. Who occupies southern Sri Lanka?
    Aryans and Buddhists
  47. Who occupies northern Sri Lanka?
    Tamil Tigers, a separatists terrorist group
  48. Where is the Himalayan Region located?
  49. What is the Maldives known for?
    Tourism, highest GNP, Archipelago in the Indian Ocean
  50. Which mountainous country is wedged between China and India?
  51. in 2008 Bhutan went from an absolute monarchy to what?
    Multi-party democracy
  52. State religion of Bhutan?
  53. Capital of Maldives?
  54. Ho Chi Minh is known a what by the population?
  55. French colonists separated Vietnam into these three units:
    Tonkin (contains capital), Cochin China (contains Saigon), Annam
  56. Who invated Vietnam in 1940?
  57. Where is the Mekong River located?
    N to S, through five of the realm's countries border, ends at delta in southernmost Vietnam
  58. What does the Mekong river support?
    Rice farmers, fisherman, transportation, and electricity
  59. China wants to build dams on Mekong river, what negative impacts will this have?
    Cause salt (water) to get in rice paddies, hurting exports
  60. Former French Indochina is what country today?
  61. Angkor is the capital of?
    The Khmer Empire (Hindu cosmology)
  62. Who was responsible for destroying Cambodias culture? How did he die?
    Pol Pot (led Khmer Empire); suicide
  63. What is Cambodia's temple/world's largest religious monument called? dedicated to?
    Angkor Wat; Vishnu
  64. Domino Theory?
    • Theory that destabilizing one country would destabilize the neighboring country
    • Believed to happen in vietnam
    • American troops destabalizing vietnam would create domino effect and destabalize and collapse order in the surrounding countries such as cambodia and Laos
  65. Capital of Malaysia?
    Kuala Lumpur
  66. Who discovered Philippines?
  67. Who were the Huks?
    the military arm of the Communist party to fight Japanese in WWII
  68. Capital of Thailand?
  69. Where is known for human trafficking, sex and drug trade, tourism, bad tsunami?
  70. Which country was formely Siam and was never colonized?
  71. Which country has rich Buddhist tradition?
  72. Which religion has many gods, idols, books, burn their dead, and have a caste system?
  73. Which religion is monotheistic, has no idols, has one sacred book, bury their dead, social equality, and is intolerant of other religions?
  74. Pakistan-Indian conflict over Kashmir:
    • Independence & Partition
    • 1947
    • – Pakistan Invades
    • 1965
    • – Indian/Pak. War
    • 1971
    • – India takes advantage of Pakistani civil war
    • Relative calm since 2002
    • Terrorist attacks in India in 2008
    • Pakistan/India Border
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