Bobby's Random Notes XVI

  1. Pope who crowned Charlemagne HRE
    Leo III
  2. Signed the 1923 Treaty of Sevres
  3. When a defendant confesses to a crime in court
  4. Alford plea is when…
    You when plead guilty but assert your innocence
  5. Richard the Lionhearted rebelled against this French king
    Phillip II
  6. Consort of this king was Caroline
    George IV
  7. Led the American forces at the Battle of Cowpens
    Daniel Morgan
  8. American who led the invasion of Canada during the Revolutionary War
    Richard Montgomery
  9. Revolts that prompted Persian invasion of Greece
    Ionian Revolts
  10. Land battle lost by the Persians after Salamis
  11. Was the capital of West Germany
  12. Capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, north of Cologna
  13. Capital of Baden-Wittenburg
  14. Leader of the NKVD, ordered on Khrushchev's orders
    Lavrenty Beria
  15. Second most populous city in Norway
  16. City that with Canterbury named an English Eccliastical province
  17. York was this English kingdom's capital
  18. Second chief justice
    John Rutledge
  19. Investigator who exposed My Lai and Abu Ghraib
    Seymour Hersh
  20. Ridge of K2
    Abruzzi Ridge
  21. Italian city ruled by the Gonzaga family
  22. Ignacio Zaragoza was the victor at this battle
    Battle of Puebla
  23. Wrote Trew Law of Free Monarchies
    James I
  24. Wrote Basilikon Doron
    James I
  25. Wife of James I
    Anne of Denmark
  26. Count de Lorencez lost this battle
    Battle of Puebla
  27. 1850 Treaty between UK and USA about the Panama Canal
    Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
  28. Mountain range that passes through Colorado Springs and Denver
    Front Range
  29. Gannett Peak in Wyoming is in this range
    Wind River Range
  30. Harry Truman got his political start working for this political boss
    Thomas Pendergast
  31. John W Davis lost to this man in his presidential run
    Calvin Coolidge
  32. Took Joe Biden's senate seat
    Ted Kaufman
  33. Cape at the entrance to Delaware Bay
    Cape May
  34. One of four survivors of the Narvaez expedition was this man
    Cabeza de Vaca
  35. The Somoza family ruled this country
  36. Latin American dictator known as "the goat"
  37. Second largest city in Kenya
  38. Siege of Ladysmith was a key battle in this war
    Second Boer War
  39. Ukranian port city on the Black Sea that held the Potempkin
  40. Federal subject of Russia near Chechnya
  41. Edward Everett and Daniel Webster were Secretaries of State for this president
    Millard Fillmore
  42. Chaired the investigation committee for Watergate (Eyebrows guy)
    Sam Ervin
  43. Prime Minister of the UK when World War I started
    Harold Asquith
  44. Organized the Triple Entente with France and Russia
    Sir Edward Grey
  45. Strait that separates Hokkaido from Honshu
    Tsugaru Strait
  46. Empress Gemmei began this period of Japanese history
    Nara Period
  47. The first Adlai Stevenson was the VP of this guy
    Grover Cleveland
  48. First socialist chancellor of West Germany
    Willy Brandt
  49. Act that created the FDIC
    Glass-Steagall Act
  50. Act that prohibited federal employees from engaging in partisan political activity
    Hatch Act
  51. West Bengal's capital is this city
  52. Largest city in South Dakota
    Sioux Falls
  53. Church led by Martin Luther King Jr
    Dexter Avenue Baptist Church
  54. Prime Minister of Canada from 1984-1993
    Brian Mulroney
  55. Interrupted Trudeau's rule in Canada
    Joe Clark
  56. Sailed on the Erebus and the Terror for the Northwest Passage; never seen again
    Sir John Franklin
  57. Family of shoguns who ruled from the 1300s to the 1500s
    Ashikaga Shogunate
  58. Capital of the Ashikaga Shogunate
  59. Has the chapter "On the Office of Our Blessed Savior"
  60. First president of Cuba
    Tomas Estrada Palma
  61. Zocalo is the main square in this city
    Mexico City
  62. La Venta was an important city of this people
  63. Creator god of this religion is Pengu
  64. His period of leadership was the Sinyavsky-Daniel Trial
  65. Signed the Helsinki Accords
  66. Symptoms of this disease were faked in the Rosenhan Experiment
  67. Described Objective and Subjective types of Essence
  68. Ended by the Treaty of the Bogue
    First Opium War
  69. Known as "Curtmantle"
    Henry II
  70. Bushrod Washington was a key figure in this Supreme Court case
    Marbury v Madison
  71. Associate the Hull Note with this invasion
    Pearl Harbor Invasion
  72. John Paterson commanded militia during this event
    Shays' Rebellion
  73. Violent period of Mexican history during 1913
    Ten Tragic Days
  74. Defeated by Ahmadinejad in 2009 elections
    Mir Mousavi
  75. Observations on the Feelings of the Beautiful and Sublime
    Immanuel Kant
  76. "Monday Night Conspiracy" was plotted before this event
    Haymarket Square Massacre
  77. Worked with the Halo Effect
    Edward Thorndike
  78. Smoke filled room experiment confirmed this effect
    Bystander effect
  79. Addled Parliament occurred during this man's reign
    James I
  80. Began with the Battle of Covadonga
  81. Father of Jahangir
  82. Son of Seti I
    Rameses II
  83. Missouri v Jenkins and Gebhart v Bolton concerned this case
    Brown v Board
  84. Egyptian city at the northern end of the Suez Canal
    Port Said
  85. Wrote The Limits of Organization
  86. Wrote Social Choice and Individual Values
  87. Created the three "Spheres" of abstract, morality, and ethical life
  88. River that flows through Cardiff
    Taff River
  89. Wrote Life of Reason
  90. Patrick Jewitt colonized this island
    Falklands Islands
  91. The Hatters Case dealt with this law
    Sherman Anti Trust Act
  92. Midlands Rebellion took place after this event
    Gunpowder Plot
  93. Winehard House was important in this event
    Gunpowder Plot
  94. Bright Cellar was important in this event
    Gunpowder Plot
  95. The Dark Cliff is part of this mountain
    Vinson Massif
  96. Won the Battle of Lindsay
    Harold Godwinson
  97. Wrote Art of Packing
  98. Wrote Defense of Usury
  99. Wrote about the Religions of China and India
    Max Weber
  100. Put down the Batavian Rebellion
  101. Mt. Cook is on this island
    South Island
  102. Wrote Critique of the Gotha Program
    Karl Marx
  103. Wrote Theory of Surplus Value
    Karl Marx
  104. Succeeded the Zengeid ruler Nur Ad Din
  105. As Sec of State, he negotiated the Oregon Treaty to end the Oregon Dispute
    James Buchanan
  106. Shipwreck Coast is off the coast of this country
  107. Sunshine Coast is along this province
    British Columbia
  108. "Discover the rational kernel within the mystical shell" is in this work
    Das Kapital
  109. Said that God is the absolute truth
  110. On Narcissism
  111. Talked about Ethics of Conviction and Responsibility
    Max Weber
  112. Gave the Freiburg Address
    Max Weber
  113. Brunner's Glands are in this organ
    Small Intestine
  114. Had Robert Deveraux executed
    Elizabeth I
  115. Ordered the failed Operation Catherine
    Neville Chamberlain
  116. Was Secretary of State during the Jerry Rescue
    Daniel Webster
  117. Adherents try to achieve Nam Japo
  118. Action Program was a part of this event
    Prague Spring
  119. Aimar V's forces killed this leader
    Richard the Lionhearted
  120. Was killed while fighting at Gisors
    Richard the Lionhearted
  121. Wrote Lectures on Jurisprudence
    Adam Smith
  122. Three Pure Ones are part of this religion
  123. Three Treasures are part of this religion
  124. Contain the Cords of Bilroth
  125. Kerr's Syndrome affects this structure
  126. Banti Syndrome affects this structure
  127. Economist who defined a ceremony
  128. Vetoed the Texas Seed Bill
    Grover Cleveland
  129. Passed the Wilson Gorman Tariff
    Grover Cleveland
  130. Associate the February 26th Incident with this guy
  131. Contains the Space of Disse
  132. Signed the Treaty of Wallingford
    Henry II
  133. George Yeardley founded this organization
    House of Burgesses
  134. Arnhem Land is the northern tip of this country
  135. Lost the War of the Rough Wooing
    Henry VIII
  136. Authored the Behistun Inscription
    Darius I
  137. Wife was Atossa
    Darius I
  138. Drafted the Virginia Plan
    James Madison
  139. Bombed Guernica
    Condor Legion
  140. Contains the chapter "Of Human Bondage"
  141. The Akerselva River flows through this city
  142. Also called the Pork and Beans War
    Aroostook War
  143. The Alashan Plateau is part of this region
    Gobi Desert
  144. Greater Kinghan Mountains are part of this region
    Gobi Desert
  145. Pamir Mountains are part of this region
    Gobi Desert
  146. Country that had the first female Prime Minister ever
    Sri Lanka
  147. Act of Accord was signed after this event
    War of the Roses
  148. Work that contains the concept of "thick description"
    Interpretation of Cultures
  149. Chapter of Interpretation of Cultures subtitled "Notes on the Balinese Cockfight"
    "Deep Play"
  150. The Humber River flows through this city
  151. City that's part of the Golden Horseshoe
  152. Talked about the rational moral principle
  153. Considered the Last European Dictator
  154. Ushpizin and Hoshanot are prayers during this holiday
  155. Overthrew Porfirio Diaz
    Francisco Madero
  156. Francisco Madero overthrew this man
    Porfirio Diaz
  157. Coined the term "cognitive dissonance"
  158. Country that owns the Antipode Islands
    New Zealand
  159. Affected by the CORD disease
  160. Won the Battle of Quipaipan
  161. Commanded the Rainbow Division
  162. Wrote A History of My Calamities
    Peter Abelard
  163. Wrote New Mandarins
    Noam Chomsky
  164. Laylat al-Qadr is observed during this holiday
  165. First professional army
    Black Army
  166. Overthrew Huerta
  167. Issued the Plan of Guadalupe
  168. Wrote Constitution of Liberty
    FA Hayek
  169. Preceded by the Battle of Cape Finisterre
    Battle of Trafalgar
  170. Won Battle of Ulm
  171. Siege of Petropavlovsk in Kamchatka was during what war?
    Crimean War
  172. Battle of Custoza took place during what war?
    War of Italian Unification
  173. Decisive battle in the Seven Weeks War
    Battle of Koniggratz
  174. Treaty of Tientsin ended this war
    Second Opium War
  175. Gaselee and Seymour Expeditions were involved in this rebellion
    Boxer Rebellion
  176. State that was the site of The Dalles bioterror attack
  177. The Trinidad was this man's ship
  178. Lost the Battle of Valcour Island
    Benedict Arnold
  179. Wrote To the Inhabitants of America
    Benedict Arnold
  180. Lived in Nonsuch Castle
    Henry VIII
  181. Supported Richard Montagu
    Charles I
  182. Battle preceded by the Ulm Maneuver
    Battle of Austerlitz
  183. Lost a gubernatorial election to James C Jones
    James K Polk
  184. Wrote A Farmer Refuted
    Alexander Hamilton
  185. Dynasty that faced the Tumu Crisis
    Ming Dynasty
  186. Timothy Ruggles was president of this act's namesake congress
    Stamp Act
  187. Georgia Platform was created in response to this
    Compromise of 1850
  188. Destroyed the Hundred Schools of Thought
    Shi Huang Di
  189. Country that won the Platine War
  190. Planning for this event took place at the Little Green House
    Teapot Dome
  191. Supported the Kumul Rebellion
    Chiang Kai-shek
  192. John Francis attempted to assassinate this ruler
    Queen Victoria
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