1. Name the different sizes of hose:
    19, 25, 38, 44, 65, 77, 125 mm
  2. What is a hose called that has been repaired and is shortened?
    a pony length
  3. What is a leader line?
    pre-connected attack line consisting of 60M of hose with a nozzle attached
  4. What is another name of a jacketed hose commonly called forestry hose?
    19mm hose
  5. Rubber lined, double jacketed hose with 38 mm blue coupling
    44mm hose
  6. Rubber lined, rubber covered hose commonly called a booster line.
    25mm hose
  7. Commonly called a washout hose with a red or green coupling
    38mm hose
  8. Stortz coupling commonly called supply hose
    125 mm
  9. What hoses do you find on an engine?
    • 4 lengths 90M of 19mm
    • 1 or 2 lengths of 44mm (trash line)
    • 8 lengths of 44mm, 120M (2 hosebeds of leader lines)
    • 4 lentgths of 65mm, 60M (leader lines)
    • 20 lengths of 65mm, 300M (attack bed)
    • 10 lengths of 125mm, 300M (supply bed)
  10. When is hose tested by CFD?
    • 1 x a year
    • after repairs
    • after hard usage (frozen, extended use)
    • suspicion of damage
  11. Name 4 types of potential damage to a hose:
    • mechanical
    • chemical
    • Mold + mildew
    • heat
  12. Difference between service roll and damaged roll?
    • service - male coupling rolled in
    • damaged - female coupling rolled in, tagged and damaged area marked
  13. Who has thne authority to change your stations total hose compliment?
    CFD apparatus and equipment
  14. How often do you count your stations hose rack compliments?
  15. If unused, how often do you change the hose loads on an apparatus?
    every 3 months
  16. What do 38mm and 65mm couplings consist of?
    • male threaded shank
    • female threaded swivel
    • a non threaded shank to which female swivel is attached
  17. T or F: a sabrejet nozzle can do both solid and straight streams
  18. What is the most common matrerial used to make couplings?
    pyrolite which is made of an aluminum alloy with a hard coating
  19. Blitzfire or Crossfire: Which nozzle can flow more water?
    • Crossfire - 4750 L/min
    • Blitzfire - 1900 L/min
  20. When advancing hose up a stairway, which line goes up the inside? outside?
    attack line inside and backup outside
  21. How far apart do FF stand when carrying an empty and full hose on the ground? Aloft?
    • Full on level ground 5M (1/3 length)
    • Empty: Ground = 15M Aloft = 7.5M
  22. What is the difference between a tool and an appliance?
    • Appliance = something water flows through
    • Tool = something you use on a hose
  23. What do you need to extend a hose line?
    length of hose, nozzle, hose clamp
  24. What do you need to reduce a hose line?
    hose, nozzle, hose clamp, gated wye
  25. What type of load does CFD use in the hose bed?
    A flat load
  26. What is special about a sabrejet nozzle?
    • Coaxial nozzle
    • higher flow rates at a lower pump pressure
    • solid stream activated with the lever
    • fog and straight stream activated by twisting the bumper
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