1. allergist
    treatment of hypersensitivity reactions
  2. anesthesiologist
    administration of agents for loss of sensation
  3. cardiologist
    treatment of heart disease
  4. cardiovascular surgeon
    surgery on the heart and blood vessels
  5. colorectal surgeon
    surgery on the colon and rectum
  6. dermatologist
    treatment of skin disorders
  7. emergency practicioner
    immediate evaluation and treatment of acute injury and illness in a hospital setting
  8. endocrinologist
    treatment of endocrine gland disorders
  9. family practicioner
    primary care and treatment for families on a continuing basis
  10. gastroenterologist
    treatment of stomach and intestinal disorders
  11. geriatrician
    treatment of diseases of old age
  12. gynecologist
    surgery and treatment for diseases of the female reproductive system
  13. hematologist
    treatment of blood disorders
  14. infectious disease specialist
    treatment of diseases caused by microorganisms
  15. internist
    comprehensive care for adults in an office or hospital setting
  16. nephrologist
    treatment of kidney diseases
  17. neurologist
    treatment of nerve disorders
  18. neurosurgeon
    surgery on brain, spinal cord, and nerves
  19. obstetrician
    treatment of pregnant women; delivery of babies
  20. oncologist
    diagnosis and medical treatment of malignant and benign tumors
  21. ophthalmologist
    surgical and medical treatment of eye disorders
  22. orthopedist
    surgical treatment of bones, muscles, and joints
  23. otolaryngologist
    treatment of ear, nose, throat
  24. pathologist
    diagnosis of disease by analysis of children
  25. pediatrician
    treatment of diseases of children
  26. physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist
    treatment to restore function after illness
  27. psychiatrist
    treatment of mental disorders
  28. pulmonologist
    treatment of lung diseases
  29. radiologist
    examination of x-ray images to determine a diagnosis; includes interpretation of ultrasound, MRI, and nuclear medicine studies as well
  30. radiation oncologist
    treatment of disease with high-energy radiation
  31. rheumatologist
    treatment of joint and muscle disorders
  32. thoracic surgeon
    surgery on chest organs
  33. urologist
    surgery on urinary tract
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