1. GI Bill
    gave returning soldiers job priotity, low interest home morgages, educational opportunity, opened education to more people in society
  2. Baby Boom
    had babies after war- causes problems because of massice rise in population
  3. William levit
    suburb developer, created a model for suburbs or "levitt towns"
  4. Post war boom
    1945-1960 incomes doubled, enormous middle class

    because of rationing during the war, people had more savings
  5. cold war
    period of time 1947-1989 dominated by ideological conflict between US and Soviet union
  6. US opinion of communism
    didnt like communism because it was atheistic, socialists, and authoritarian, disliked notion of foreign countries seeking control of other countries
  7. problem of 1945
    how to manage post war world
  8. Yalta conference
    discussed how to manage post war world, decisions were based on where armies were at the end of the war, temporarily cut germany in half
  9. declaration of liberated Europe
    Free elections oin Eastern Europe to reestablish government.
  10. 22nd amendment
    term limits on the presidency
  11. reasons for cold war- trust
    neither side strusted each other. US had refused to grant soviets loan and atomic bomb information
  12. Eastern Europen election
    Stalin broke promise to hold elections
  13. Puppet governments
    Eastern Europe countries came under control of the Soviet Union
  14. Divided Germany
    temporary lines of Yalta conference went permanant
  15. Greek Civil war
    Soviet 's supported rebels
  16. Containment
    American policy towards communism. Americans provide counterforce to prevent Soviets from spreading communism
  17. 1948 Berlin Blockade
    Stalin cuts of transport to West Berlin to force allies out. Truman airlifts supplies to West Berlin for 15 months
  18. economic containment
    economic chaos meant political chaos
  19. marshall plan
    financial assitance to war torn countries, Stalin wont accept and wont let and Eastern European countries accept
  20. military contaiment
    1st military alliance with Europe since the 1790's
  21. NATO
    North atlantic treaty organization, if someone attacked one or more contries in the organization they viewed it as a threat to all counrties

    Commander- Dwight Eisenhower
  22. Joint chiefs of Staff
    military leaders of services, secretary to report to chairman who reported to the secretary of defence
  23. national security act
    created DOD, coordinates intelligence agencies. made because of pearl harbor
  24. Trumans Domestic policy
    fair deal
  25. election of 1948
    Truman V republican. Truman wins. Republicans are mad and start to propegate myths
  26. loyalty program
    attempt to root out spies that hadinfiltrated government
  27. Case of Alger Hiss
    member of the state department accused of being a communist spy
  28. 1st soviet atomic detonation
    showed that Stalin was working on atomic bombs behind the scenes because US had not shared information about the AB
  29. Loss of china
    loose china to commmunism, peoples republic of china
  30. Formosa Resolution
    President is allowed to take appropriate measures to protect Taiwar, sets precident for congress handing enormous power to president
  31. Joseph McCarthy
    started mass hysteria by accusing government officials of being spies
  32. tidings committee
    committee formed to investigat McCarthy's charges. found no evidence and exhonerated people
  33. red baiting
    political strategy of accusing opponent of being a communist or disloyal
  34. Ethyle and Julius Rosenberg
    put on trial and accused of sending atomic secrets to Soviet's
  35. Korean war
    Korea was divided into 2 parts, North (communist) invaded south. when the cold war turned hot
  36. Smith Acts
    not allowed to advocate or to teach the overthrow of the government
  37. McCran Act
    members of commuist part must register with the federal government
  38. Communist Control Act
    stript communist part of all of its rights in the US
  39. Lavender scare
    gays became security rists (different is bad)
  40. HUAC
    house un-american activities committe, friendly- named people, unfriendly- would not name people and were black listed
  41. McCarthy's end
    faded when he started attacking the military
  42. Roll back
    after Eisenhower became president he realized that rollback didnt work and resumed Truman's policies
  43. Viet Nam
    France was forced to withdrawl because of Din Bien Phu. US moved in
  44. Geneva conference 1954
    Indochina would not be a french colony, all troops had to withdrawl. Vietnam was partitioned into 2 parts communist north and non communist south
  45. communism
    everyone considered different is dangerous
  46. legal realism
    philsophy of judicial system that says we shouldn't realy exclusively on precedence, law is an instrument of social change, laws change as society changes
  47. Theme 1- libertarianism
    liberty of freedom from government involvement. when do freedoms of individuals infringe upon freedoms of others
  48. Yates V US
    distinction between believing something and being a threat to society (violated smith act)
  49. US V Robel
    McCarrain Act. just because you are a communist doesnt mean you are a threat to society
  50. Tinker V Demoin
    armbands, government says suspending students from school for this violates 1st amendment rights, 1st time court shot down school prayer
  51. Privacy rights
    you had rights to do things in private
  52. Griswall V connecticut
    contraceptives, court said you cant ban them because they are done in private
  53. Florida V McLaughlin
    banned black and whites living together if not married. court said you couldnt do that it was private
  54. Loving V Virginia
    married in another state and went back to Virginia, court said to restrict marriages based on race was unconstitutuional
  55. Theme 2 egalitarianism
    equal protection under the law
  56. voting rights
    each person's vote must be of equal weight
  57. Suspect rights
    innocent until proven guilty, due process, restore validity
  58. Mapp V Ohio
    evidence obtained from illegal searches is not immiscible in court
  59. Gideon V Wainwright
    court said that all Americans are entitled to legal counsel even if they can't afford it
  60. Miranda V Arizona
    court says that you have to be told your rights prior to interrogation
  61. NAACP
    immediate goal was to overturn federal approval of Jim Crow segregation, Overturn Plessy V Fergusson
  62. Brown V Board of education
    linda brown wanted to go to a white school. lead council thergood marshal. physical and phycological differences. court ruled seperate is inherantly unequal.
  63. southern manifesto
    direct response to brown signed by over 100 southern congress members
  64. Rosa Parks
    starts Montgomery bus boycotts, gained national attention, courts ruled segregation of public things was illegal
  65. southern christian leadership council
    formed by MLK Jr., goal was to desegregate everything
  66. Little Rock Central High school
    govenor Faubus wont let black students attend white school and call national guard to prevent admittance. Eisenhower sends military. 1st time government had used military in south to provide protection to blacks since reconstruction
  67. sit in movement
    began feburary 1960
  68. SNCC
    student nonviolent coordinating committee
  69. Greensboro, NC
    lunch counter sit in
  70. 1960 presidential campaign
    Nixon V JFK, JFK won, many people say it was because of the African American vote
  71. Students for a democratic society
    reflected liberal trends. wanted to end racial segregation and economic inequality. thought American policy towards Soviet Union was to harsh
  72. Young Americans for freedom
    conservative, didnt think soviet policies wer etoo harsh, thought the government hadnt done enough
  73. Freedom rides
    no law desegregating private businesses but transportation services must be desegregated
  74. 1st ride
    African Americans rode south with reporters, police did nothing to prevent the beatings, to uphold order JFK sent federal marshalls to the south
  75. 2nd ride
    in Montgomery were attacked, helpers were attacked, continued onto Mississippi and were arrested
  76. James Meredith
    wanted to go to Ole Miss governor refused to allow him. violence ensued. didnt stop untill JFK sent solidiers
  77. 1963 MLK's march on Birmingham
    to try to force Kennedy to act, violence was showed on TV. JFK acted
  78. comprehensive civil rights bill
    aimed at private businesses passed in 1964 after JFK was assasignated
  79. March on Washington
    August 1963, MLK's I have a dream speech
  80. Johnson treatement
    does whatever to get his was
  81. 1965 voting rights act
    blacks could register and vote without intimidation
  82. LBJ's domestic policy
    the great society
  83. Viet Nam
    was the American War in Vietnam
  84. domino theory
    if one country falls to communism then another country will also
  85. 1968
    US sentimate turns
  86. vietnamization
    US forces withdraw and leave defense to Vietnamese
  87. Watts Riot
    Riot in LA because police officer tried to arrest African Americans
  88. Walk Against Fear
    James Meredith, got shot after 10 miles, civil rights leaders are outraged
  89. Stokely Carmichael
    Rise of black power, inspired by Malcolm X, head of SNCC
  90. 1964
    Student activism
  91. Teach-ins
    faculty led, lectured about history and people of vietnam. became a point for anti war protests
  92. peace sign
    foot print of the American chicken
  93. 1968 democrativ convention in Chicago
    • inside- couldnt decide on a platform got in many fights
    • outside- protests
  94. 1964 Tonkin Gulf resolution
    Viet Nam LBJ
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