1. Dorothy; But Aunt Em, she hit him.
    • Don’t bother us now dear.
    • You see, the old incubator’s gone bad,
    • And we’re likely to lose a lot of our chicks.
  2. Dorothy; Uncle Henry. Can’t you do something?

    • I’m doing something right now honey,
    • so just keep out of our hair.
  3. Hunk; Well, why don’t you use them? When you come home, don’t go by Miss Gulch’s place—then Toto won’t get in her garden and you won’t get in no trouble.
    • Quit just standing there.
    • and clear that junk outta the wagon.
    • We got a parcel of lumber to haul from town,
    • Before the weather turns.
  4. Miss Gultch; Henry Gale. Is that you skulking by the barn.
    • I never skulked in my life Miss Gultch.
    • And I ain’t about to start now.
  5. Miss Gultch; I want to see you and your wife right now about Dorothy.
    • Dorothy?
    • Why, what has Dorothy done?
  6. Miss Gultch; What she done? I’m all about lame from the bit on my leg.
    You mean, she bit yer?
  7. Miss Gultch; No, her dog!
    Oh, she bit her dog, ah?
  8. Miss Gultch; I’m afraid I have no appetite Mrs Gale. Indeed I’m so shaken by the ferocious attack of your niece’s vicious dog, I may never eat again.
    • If you don’t eat,
    • you’ll waste away.
    • And I’d hate to see you dwindle.
  9. Miss Gultch; It’s gone beyond apologies, Mrs Gale. I have laid an official complaint with the County Sheriff.
    Was he sober?
  10. Dorothy; Destroyed? Toto? Oh you can’t! You mustn’t! Uncle Henry! Auntie Em! You won’t let her will you.
    • Of course we won’t.
    • Will we Em?
  11. Miss Gulch: We’ll that’s for the Sheriff to decide.
    Here’s his order allowing me to take him.
    (Henry goes to take it from her) Unless you want to go against the law.
    Uh- yes
  12. Em: What’s it say Henry?
    • Just what she says.
    • You gotta hand him over, Dorothy.
  13. Zeke: You can’t fight the law honey. Some things are bigger than all of us.
    Let me have him, Dorothy.
  14. Em: Almire Gultch, just because you own half the county doesn’t mean you have the power to run the rest of us! For 22 years I’ve been dying to tell you what I thought of you! And now…Well, being a Christian woman, in can’t say it!
    • Well I can.
    • So if you don’t want to hear it,
    • You better pedal your carcass offa my land.
  15. Miss Gultch:
    I don’t take kindly to that kind of talk, Henry Gale.
    Just you remember I have friends in high places.

    • Then why don’t you climb on your broomstick

    • and go visit ‘em.

  16. Miss Gultch: Here doggie, doggie.
    Where is that animal? Here doggie—doggie.
    I asked you to get off my land, Miss Gultch.
  17. Miss Gultch: I did but the dog got away.
    He can’t have enjoyed your company much.
  18. Miss Gultch:
    Where the little girl is that’s where
    I’ll find the dog. Kindly bring her out here.
    • You never give up do you?
    • (Calls off stage)
    • Dorothy, Dorothy.
  19. Miss Gultch: Sounds like you’ve a runaway on your hands. If she’s on the road, I’ll find her. And then I’ll take that dog back for good.
    • If you’re so anxious to have it,
    • You should have looked after it better.
  20. Zeke: It’s a twister, a twister. There she blows.
    And heading straight for us.
  21. Hickory: I cut free the horses.
    Good man!
  22. Hunk: It’s getting awful close, Mr Gale.
    Come on, everybody, in the storm cellar.
  23. Em: We can’t leave her out here Henry.
    • There’s nothing else we can do Em.
    • ‘Cept pray for all of us!
  24. Scarecrow; Okay! Here goes.
    Who rang that bell?
  25. Lion; Don’t do that.

    All three; We did.
    Can’t you read?
  26. Scarecrow; Read what?
    The notice!
  27. All; What notice?
    • It’s on the door.
    • It's as plan as the nose on your face.
    • (he looks for the notice)
    • It’s a…oh…oh.
    • (Looks back)
    • Just a minute. (he reaches inside, slaps the notice on the door and slams window closed.)
  28. Dorothy: “Bell out of order, please knock”
    • Well, that’s more like it.
    • Now state your business.
  29. All; We want to see the Wizard.
    • Oh, oh – the Wizard a?
    • But nobody can see the great Oz!
    • Nobody’s ever seen the great Oz!
    • Even I’ve never seen him!
  30. Dorothy; Well then, how do you know there is one?
    • Because, because, because, because, because.
    • He’s-um because –well,
    • If there wasn’t a Wizard….um,
    • Why would you be here?
  31. Dorothy; Oh,oh please. Please Sir.
    I’ve got to see the Wizard.
    The Good Witch of the North sent me.
    Prove it!
  32. Scarecrow: She’s wearing the ruby slippers she gave her.
    • Uh..so she is!
    • Well, bust my buttons!
    • Why didn’t you say that in the first place.
    • That’s a horse of a different colour.
  33. Lion; Whose he calling a horse? If he wasn’t on the other side of that door.
    Scarecrow; He’s coming out!
    Lion; He’d be on this side
    Welcome to the Emerald City!
  34. Dorothy; Thank you.
    Have you come far?
  35. Dorothy; Oh, just the longest of ways.
    • Believe me, every step is worth it.
    • Have you any idea how wonderful this place really is?
    • (music starts)
    • IT’S ALL TRUE.
    • OH, WE’RE NOT TOO MAD (start walking L)
    • AND WE DON’T COMPLAIN. (looking back)
    • ALL WE SO IS JUST SIT TIGHT, (to audience)
    • ‘CASUE IT’S ALL SO, SO, SO, DOWNRIGHT, (looking back) RIGHT!
  37. Lion; Is he scary?
    • The Wizard, the Wizard?
    • I—I—well, yes of course.
    • But first I’ll take you to a place where you can tidy up a bit.
    • What? (take her hand)
  38. All; To the Wizard
    (the crowed move off, then the Guard halts their progress)
    • Here, here,…..here!
    • Everythings alright.
    • Stop that now…..just.
    • Every..It’s alright! Everthing is all right.
  39. To crowd
    • The Great and Powerful OZ has got matters in hand.
    • I hope.
    • And so go home!
    • And there’s nothing to worry about.
    • Get out of here now—go home.
    • Go on home, and I…I..
  40. (to Dorothy)
    • Didn’t you hear me.
    • I said, GO HOME.
  41. Dorothy: That’s what I was trying to do Sir.
    That’s why we have to see the Wizard right
    away. All 4 of us.
    • Orders are-
    • Nobody sees the Great OZ!
    • Not nobody, not nohow!
  42. Lion: And I got permanent just for the occasion,
    • Not nobody
    • – not nowhow.
  43. Scarecrow: You just gotta make him see Dorothy
    • Dorothy?
    • Did you say Dorothy?
    • The witch’s Dorothy.
  44. Scarecrow: In person.
    • Well..That makes a difference.
    • All of you wait here.
    • I’ll announce you at once.
    • (he exits to music)
    • Go Home!
    • The Wizard says go away.
  46. All: Go away?
    Dorothy: Oh, but surely..
    • He is deaf to all appeals.
    • The Wizard has spoken.
    • And don’t call me Shirley.
    • (Guard exits to music)
  47. Dorothy: Annie Em is so good to me and I never appreciate it. Running away and hurting her feelings,
    Professor Marvel said she was sick. And she may be dying, and it’s all my fault.
    (The Guard takes out a handkerchief and begins to sob.)
  48. Dorothy: I’ll never forgive myself, never, never, never.
    • (Tears well from the Guard and he staggers forward)
    • Please don’t cry anymore.
    • I’ll get you into the Wizard somehow.
  49. Dorothy: Oh thank you.
    • That’s alright,
    • I knew an Aunt Em myself once.
    • This way, follow me.
  50. Lion: I—Oh__ I’m a butterpaws.
    • This way, this way.
    • The great Oz awaits you.
    • I wish you’d give up this crazy scheme.
    • I never should'a let you see the Wizard.
  52. Scarecrow: Which way to the castle?
    No-one knows for sure.
  53. Tinman: You mean no one’s ever gone there?
    • Oh yes, plenty have gone there.
    • But no-one’s ever come back.
  54. Lion: Oh boy!
    Dorothy: There’s no Yellow Brick Road to follow now.
    There’s no road at all to the land of the Winkies.
  55. Lion: Winkies? What’s a Winkie?
    • Once they were people very much like us.
    • But the wicked witch made them her slaves.
    • I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to you.
  56. Dorothy: Oh, so do I.
    Keep going to the West where the Sun sets.
  57. Dorothy: Is that the best way to see the wicked witch.
    • You won’t have to find her Dorothy.
    • When she knows you’re in the land of the Winkies,
    • She will find you.
    • Good luck!
    • (He salutes formally and steps back inside
  58. OZ:
    Obey them as you would me. (Music)
    Thanks you my friends.
    And now I think it’s time to cast off.
    Climb aboard Dorothy, climb aboard.
    • Climb aboard missing,
    • why the wind is still in our favour.
  59. Dorothy: Where’s Toto?
    I can’t go without him.(A dog barks) Toto!
    • Don’t worry!
    • (Gives her the balloon rope)
    • I’ll get him for you.
  60. OZ: Don’t let go of the rope.
  61. Scarecrow: Help! Help!
    Dorothy: Oh, don’t go Professor.
    Here’s your dog
    • (from a long way off we hear Henry’s voice)
    • Dorothy? Dorothy? (Enters carrying a lantern)
  63. Professor: Little girl, little girl? I hate to think of the kid out all night in that storm.
    • We’d best get into town and notify the sheriff.
    • (Toto barks)
  64. Professor: Wait.
  65. Professor: There she is.
    • Dorothy:
    • (He rushes to her and cradles her in his arms) Dorothy.
  66. Dorothy mumbles “there’s no place like home” the professor examond’s he head.
    • Zeke, Hunk, Hickory.
    • She’s over here!
    • Tell Emmie and bid her bring a blanket.
  67. Dorothy: Uncle Henry. You were the Guard.
    • I’m guarding you now, honey.
    • I’ll see you come to no more harm.
  68. Zeke: Is she alright?
    • There was a minute there
    • where I thought she’d left us.
  69. Dorothy: Of course not, but where’s Scarecrow?
    Who the heck’s Scarecrow?
  70. Hunk: Here’s the blanket you called for. How is she?
    • She’ll be fine.
    • (Pat Hunk, then move back to centre)
  71. Zeke: It was a telegraph pole.
    • We won’t be hearing from that old biddy
    • till her leg gets out of plaster.
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