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  1. How many popes have there been in the history of the Church?
  2. What is the average length of a Pope's term?
    ten years
  3. What is the average age to begin the papacy?
  4. Who was the first pope? Who was he appointed by?
    St. Peter/ Jesus
  5. What is the most common papal name?
    John (23)
  6. Who elects the Pope?
    the college of cardinals all under the age of eighty
  7. What changes did Pope Paul VI make to the election process?
    He excluded all cardinals 80 years old or over from the Conclave and made provision to prevent any bugging of the Sistine Chapel.
  8. Pope John Paul II also made changes to the process. What changes did he make regarding lodging and the older Cardinals?
    • Lodging: hotel- style accomadation in Vatican City
    • Older: the older cardinals are still unable to enter the Conclave, but they are invited to take an active role in the preparatory meetings
  9. What is the maximum number of Cardinals who can elect the new Pope?
  10. Describe what happens when the Pope dies?
    • 1) the Carmelango must verify the death, traditionally by calling the Pope's name three times without reply (death really verified by medical staff)
    • 2) Then authorizes a death certificate and makes the event public by turning the room light on
    • 3) The Carmelango then seals the Pope's private apartments. He'd also arrange for the 'ring of the fisherman' and the papal seal to be broken. Then prepares the funeral rites and 9 days of mourning.
  11. Who is responsible for the govt of the Church in the "in-between" time, after the Pope dies and before another is elected?
  12. What is the meeting where the new Pope is chosen called?
  13. Where does this meeting take place?
    Why is it famous?
    • Sistine Chapel
    • because Michelangelo painted the ceiling
  14. What is the penalty for talking about anything that happens at the meeting?
    automatic excommunication
  15. Whta is teh voting process?
    • 1) During process, they have no contact with the outside world. They write name on ballot, put in chalice on altar.
    • 2) Certain cardinals count votes and thread them together.
    • 3) Once counted, its burned.
    • 4) No pope: black smoke/ pope: white smoke
  16. In general, a Pope is chosen when he recei ces a __- majority of the votes. If this is unable to be reached after a ong period of time, they can go with the one who receives one more than __ of the votes.
    • 2/3
    • half
  17. HOw is the world notified that a Pope has been chosen?
    White smoke and the bells of St. Peter's basilica will be rung
  18. What happens after the vote is taken and a Pope has been chosen?
    • The Dean of the College of Cardinals asks him if he accepts election and by what name he wishes to be called as Pope.
    • The Cardinals pledge their obedience to him after he becomes Roman Pontiff.
    • He vests in his Pontifical Clericals (papal vestments).
    • He steps out on balcony.
  19. What words are used to announce hte new Pope (latin and English)
    • Habemus Papam!
    • We Have a Pope
  20. __- where the Pope lives
    The Vatican
  21. Located within __, __ is the smallest state in the world.
    It is roughly __ area of __ square miles, lying near the __ of the __.
    • Rome
    • Vatican City
    • triangular
    • 17
    • west bank
    • Tiber River
  22. The most significant areas of __ are __ and __.
    • vatican City
    • St. Peter's Basilica
    • St. Peter's Square
  23. the __-- the Flag of the Vatican
    What does the flag consists of?
    • Papal Flag
    • It consists of two vertical stripes, yellow and white. On the white field in yellow are the crossed keys of St. Peter, the first pope, topped by the papal tiara (a triple crown)
  24. Image Upload 2
    The Papal Flag
  25. __
    1) Largest Catholic Church in the world
    2) The dome of the __ was designed by __.
    3) __ is buried below the altar of the basilica.
    4) The __, on eof the most famous sculptures in the world, is found in __. (_)
    • St. Peter's Basilica
    • Basilica/ Michelangelo
    • St. Peter
    • Pieta/ St. Peters (Michelangelo 1499)
  26. __
    1) Located directly in front of __.
    2) Designed by the artist __ (a sculpture/ architect), who designed it to accomodate the largest # of people possible, wanting to see and hear the pope.

    Around the perimeter of the Square (which is actually__) are large columns topped by __.
    • St. Peter's Square
    • St. Peter's Bailica
    • Bernini
    • circular
    • 140 lifesize saint statues
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