1. Classic NE
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    • DP: alpha 1 vasoconstriction increase DP
    • PP: beta 1 increase IS
    • HR: beta 1 increased HR overridden by BRR activated by decreased BP
  2. Classic EPI
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    • DP: beta2 vasodilation is greater than alpha1 vasoconstriction, DP decreases
    • PP: beta1 increases IS (MBP stays about the same)
    • HR: beta1 increases HR (no BRR)
  3. Low Dose ACh
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    • DP: activates M3 receptors on the vessels causing vasodilation and decreased DP
    • PP: no parasympathetic effect on HR
    • HR: M2 decreases HR, but BRR causes increase sympathetic tone to increase HR
  4. EPI reversal
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    • EPI goes from a pressor to a depressor after alpha1 inhibition
  5. Physiologic or low dose EPI
    decreases DP b/c EPI has higher affinity for beta2 receptors on VSM
  6. High dose EPI
    there are more alpha than beta receptors on VSM so at high doses of EPI both alpha and beta receptors are activated and the alpha receptor mediated vasoconstriction leads to an increased DP
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