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  1. Environment
    • every non-genetic influence, from prenatal nutrition to the ppl and things around us
    • influences half of development
  2. Behavior Genetics
    • the study of the relative limits and influences of genes and environment on behavior
    • behavior geneticists study our differences and weight the effects of heredity and environment
  3. Chromosomes
    • threadlike structures made of DNA molecules the contain the genes
    • there are 23 per parent totalling in 46
  4. DNA
    • a complex molecule that contains genetic information that makes up chromosomes
    • Deoxyribonucleic acid
  5. Genes
    • Biochemical units of heredity that make up chromosomes; a segmen tof DNA capable of sythesizing protien
    • eveybody had about 30,000 or of these gene words, a self replicating unit capable of protien synthesis
  6. Genome
    • the complete instructions for making an organism, consisting all of the genetic material in an organism's chromosomes
    • DNA sequence (gattaga)
  7. Identical Twins
    • twins who develop from a single fertilized egg that splits in two, creating to geneticall, identical organisms
    • genetically identical: usually have the same cultural background too
  8. Fraternal Twins
    • twins who develop from seperate fertilized eggs they are genetically no closer that brohers and sisters, but they share a fetal environment
    • The shared environment has a bigger effect on similarity that genetics.
  9. Temperament
    • A person's characteristic reactivity and intensity
    • *Exceptionally inhibited and fearful 2-year olds often sre still relatively as shy as 8-year olds; 1/2 will become introverted adolescents
  10. Heritablity
    • the proportion of variation among individuals that we contribute to genes that we contribute to genes, the heritability of a trait may vary depending on the range of populations and environmnets studied
    • ananlyzes the diffs among ppl it cannot attribute genetic percentile influences on the traits of an individual
    • as environments become more similar, heredity as a source of differences nescessarily becomes more important
  11. Interactions
    • in psychology, it occurs when the effect of one factor (such as environment) depends on another factor (such as heredity)
    • forget nature vs. nurture its nature VIA nurture
  12. Molecular Genetics
    • a subfield of biology that studies the molecular structure and function of genes
    • they try to find specific genes influencing behavior
  13. Evolutionary psychology
    • the study of the evolution of behavior and the mind, using principles of natural selection.
    • focuses on what makes usu so alike as humans
  14. natural selection
    • the principle that, among the range of inherited trait variations, reproduction and survival will be most likely passed on to succeeding generations
    • Belyaev and Trut used artificial selection to breed docile foxes
  15. Mutation
    • a random error in the gene replicating procedd that leads to change
    • without this, natural selsection wouldn't exist
  16. Gender
    in psychology, the biosocially influenced characteristics by which ppl define male and female
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