Chap #1

  1. The term SOFTWARE refers to?
    • instructions used to manipulate hardware
    • 4 basic functions: input, processing, storage and output.
  2. All hardware op r based on binary values: on and off states
    Binary number system only uses 0 and 1
    0 or 1 is called a bit
    byte= 8 bits
    nibble = 4 bits
  3. What is the most important component in a case?
    • CPU ( Central Processing Unit), or processor or microprocessor
    • A CPU reads (I), process data and writes data to storage
  4. The most common coding method for text is called...
  5. Which elements r required by I/O and storage devices to operate?
    • A Method for CPU to communicate w device;
    • Software to Instruct and control the device;
    • Electricity to power the device.
  6. All circuit boards contains microchips, which uses...
    CMOS ( Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) technology. It req less electricity and produces less heat.
  7. Which type of cables are inside the case?
    data cables and power cords
  8. What is the largest and most important circuit in a computer?
    it's the motherboard.
  9. A device that is not installed directly in the motherboard is called?
  10. Every CD-R can b a burner it all depends on the OS
    The case is also called CPU for older school ppl
  11. How many processing chips can u have on a motherboard?
    one or 2.
  12. Parallel port: Transmits data in parallel (most used by a printer);
    S/PDIF ( Sony Phillips Digital Interface): Connects to an ext Home Theater
    Firewire Port: (1394 port): used for high speed multi media devices ie cam corders
    Serial Port (provided by older mother board) used for an ext modem system
  13. refrigerators were buit to mk processing cooler
    • therma for computer
    • refrigeration chips
    • power fans
  14. PC Architecture
    I386 defined architecture for ur cores. regardless of size of processors
  15. Data Thru Put
    • It is not about the speed but about the thru put. It is about the volume that travels.
    • Access and sync time are the things that matters. On a hard drive how many times it speeds does not matter.Fast is not always better and can be expensive.

    Multicore dont perform well; slows the process
  16. Power also comes in
    waves and tidal waves.
  17. What is the function of a CPU?
    The processor or CPU is the chip inside the computer that performs most of the actual data processing.
  18. What is a Chipset?
    a grp of microchips on the motherboard that control the flow of data and instructions to and from the processor, providing careful timing of activities.
  19. Primary Storage: Faster but Temporarily/Volatile (RAMM Random Access Memory Modules)
    Secondary Storage: Slower but Permanent /Nonvolatile (Hard disks, floppy, USB flash drives, CDs DVDs..)
    3 general types of modules for RAM: DIMM(Dual inline memory module); RIMM and SIMM(single inline memory module-older outdated type)
  20. What is a hard drive?
    It is a single case containing platters or disks that rotate at a high speed.
  21. What is a PORT?
    Access point located in the back or front of a case.
  22. Chief input devices?
    Keyboard and Mouse

    Output: Monitor and printer
  23. Internal Devices common to most computers
    • Motherboard; Floppy Drive; Hard drive, CD Drive
    • Power Supply;
    • Circuit Boards (for int and ext comm)
    • Cables to connect devices to all circuit boards

    Most storage and processing occurs in the case.
  24. What is an IDLE?
    Technology used by most hard drives nowdays. Integrated Drive electronics.

    A motherboard can accommodate up to 4 IDLE devices.

    A serial ATA standard allows for more than 4 drives installed in a system.
  25. how much memory can a floppy disk hold?
    1.44 MB
  26. CD-ROM
    Compact Disk Read Only Memory
  27. Traces
    circuits or paths that enable data, instructions, and power to move from component to component on the board.
  28. What is a protocol?
    is a set of rules and standards that any two entities use for communication
  29. two states inside a computer
    • on and off
    • zero or one
    • zero=no voltage
    • one= voltage
  30. What is a data path size?
    • The width of a data bus
    • the data of most system buses is about 64 bits wide
  31. What is the functionality of a system clock?
    • it is used to synchronize activity of the chips on the motherboard.
    • the clock speed is measured in hertz one cycle per second
    • megahertz in one million
    • gigahertz is one billion
  32. The Most important component on the computer electrical system?
    power supply, which converts and reduces electricity to a voltage that the computer can handle. In addition, runs a fan directly from the electrical output voltage to help cool down the inside of a computer case.
  33. What is a firmware?
    Software embedded on a hardware. hybrid nature.
  34. The most important component inside the comp is
    The motherboard
  35. ROM BIOS on a motherboard holds the basic software needed to start a PC and begin the process of loading an OS. Most ROM are FLASH ROM, meaning it can be updated w/o exchanging the chip.
  36. The CMOS set up pgrm is used to
    change motherboard settings or config info.
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