13.1 endocrine glands, hormones and related anatomic terms

  1. acidophil
    acid-staining cell of anterior lobe of pituitary gland; secretes growth and lactogenic hormones
  2. adenohypophysis
    anterior lobe of pituitary gland (hypophysis) as distinguished from posterior lobe (neurohypophysis)
  3. adrenal glands
    glands located near kidney (also calle suprarenal glands)
  4. adrenaline
    adrenal medulla hormone, which stimulates smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands, to assist body in meeting stress (also called epinephrine)
  5. adrenalopathy
    any adrenal gland pathology (adrenopathy)
  6. adrenocorticotropin
    hormone of anterior pituitary gland that promotes growth and development of adrenal cortex to secrete glucocorticoids (also spelledadrenocorticotrophin)
  7. androsterone
    androgen or male sex hormone secreted by adrenal gland
  8. antidiuretic hormone
    hormone secreted by posterior pituitary that stimulates water reabsortion by distal and collecting kidney tubules (also called vasopressin)
  9. basophils
    basic-staining cells of anterior lobe of pituitary which secrete thyrotropin, a thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), adrenocorticotropin (ACTH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) and melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH)
  10. chorionic gonadotropin
    hormone secreted by cells of placental chorion
  11. chromophobe
    non-staining cell of anterior pituitary lobe
  12. colliod
    gelatinous substance in follicles of thyroid gland that contain hormone secreted by thyroid
  13. cortex
    ourter portion of adrenal gland that secrets mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids, androgens, and some estrogens
  14. corticosterone
    adrenocortical glucocorticoid hormone
  15. cortisol
    adrenocortical glucocorticoid hormone (also called hydrocortisone)
  16. estrogenic hormones
    ovarian hormones (estradiol and estrone) that influence cycle of changes (estrus) in female gental tract
  17. euthyroid
    normally functioning thyroid
  18. follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
    anterior pituitary hormone that stimulates growth f ovarian follicles and secretion of etrogen in the femle and development of seminiferous tubules and sperm cells in male
  19. glucocorticoid
    group of adrenocortical steroids that are concerned with protein, fat, and carbohydrte metabolism and aid body in resisting stress
  20. gonadotropic hormones
    pituitary hrmones that influence gonads
  21. hormone
    chemical substance secreted by endocrine gland
  22. hypophysis cerebri
    pituitary gland
  23. infundibulum
    funnel-shaped passage with neural tracts from hypothalamus of brain to pituitary gland
  24. iodine
    essential element of thyroid hormone
  25. islands of Langerhans
    specialized pancreatic cells secreting insulin, glucagon, and pancreatic polypeptide (PP) into circulation.
  26. luteinizing hormone (LH)
    anterior pituitary hormone that stimulats foration of corpus luteum and progesterone in femal and development and ecretion of testosterone in interstitial cells of testes
  27. medulla
    inner portion of adrenal glands producing epinephrine and norephinephrine
  28. mineralocorticoid
    adrenocortical steroid that affects sodium and potassium balance
  29. neurohypophysis
    posterior lobe of pituitary gland
  30. norepinephine
    hormone secreted by adrenal medlla (also called noradrenaline)
  31. oxyphil
    cell in parathyroid glands
  32. oxytocin
    hormone of posterior lobe of pituitary gland that stimulates uterine contractions during parturition
  33. parathyroid hormone
    parathyroid gland secretion that regulates calcium and phosphrus content of blood and bones
  34. parathyroids
    glands, normally two on each side, behind or embedded in thyroid gland.
  35. pineal body
    small gland located near base of brain
  36. pituicyte
    fusiform cell of posterior lobe of pituitary gland
  37. pituiatry gland
    master gland attached to base of brain that exercises control over other endocrine glands
  38. progesterone
    hormone producted by corpus luteum, whose function is to prepare uterus to receive fertilized ovum by causing growth and development of uterine endometrial lining
  39. prolactin
    pituitary hormone responsible for mammary gland development and milk production in pregnancy
  40. somatotropin
    growth hormone (GH) secreted by acidophils and antrior pituitary gland (also called somatotrophin)
  41. suprarenals
    adrenal glands
  42. testosterone
    masculinizing hormone of testis that induces and maintains seconday sex characteristics
  43. thyroid
    large gland situated on the front part of neck just below larynx
  44. thyrotropin
    thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) of anterior pituitary gland that promotes growth and development of thyroid gland and stimulates it to secrete thyroxine an triiodothyronine, the two major hormones of thyroid gland (also called thyrotrophin)
  45. thyroxine
    one of two iodine-laden hormones making up thyroid hormone, whose main function is to regulate metabolic rate and processes of growth and tissue differentiation (also called T4)
  46. triiodothyronine
    second of two hormones that make up thyroid hormone, containing less iodine than thyroxine but having the same functions (also called T3)
  47. vasopressin
    antidiuretic hormone (ADH) of posterior pituitary
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13.1 endocrine glands, hormones and related anatomic terms
13.1 endocrine glands, hormones and related anatomic terms