1. seafood
    aa haan (r) ta (h) lee
  2. single house
    baan (f) diaow
  3. Hua Hin beach
    ta (h) lee hua (r) hin (r)
  4. triangle jelly snack
    kha nom (r) gaa la (h) mEE
  5. drawers
    lin (h) chak (h)
  6. souvenir
    • khawng (r) faak (l)
    • or
    • khawng (r) thii (f) ra (l) leuk (h)
  7. suitcase
    gra (l) bpao (r) deun thaang
  8. key & lock
    gun jEE
  9. lock
    mee (f) gun jEE
  10. key
    luuk (f) gun jEE
  11. townhouse
    thaaw haw (h)
  12. garage
    roong rot (h)
  13. shelf with doors
    dtuu (f)
  14. wardrobe
    dtuu (f) seua (f) phaa (f)
  15. book shelf with doors
    dtuu (f) nang (r) seu (r)
  16. refrigerator
    dtuu (f) yen
  17. relatives
    yaat (f)
  18. travel
    deun thaang
  19. entrust
    faak (l)
  20. to deposit (money)
    faak (l) ngeun
  21. to pick up, collect, keep, save, store
    gep (l)
  22. to lay something down
  23. pick up something that was laid down
    yip (l)
  24. under
    dtaai (f)
  25. fall, drop
    dtok (l)
  26. waterfall
    nam (h) dtok (l)
  27. to lift up (something heavy..)
    yok (h)
  28. outside
    khaang (f) nawk (f)
  29. outside the house
    khaang (f) nawk (f) baan (f)
  30. inside
    khaang (f) nai
  31. on
    • khaang (f) bon
    • or
    • bon
  32. beside or next to
    • khaang (f) khaang (f)
    • or
    • khaang (f)
  33. in front of
    khaang (f) naa (f)
  34. behind or back
    khaang (f) lang (r)
  35. in the middle
    • dtrong glaang
    • or
    • glaang
  36. between
    ra (h) waang (l)
  37. be careful
    ra (h) wang
  38. downstairs
    • khaang (f) laang (f)
    • or
    • chan (h) laang (f)
  39. upstairs
    • khaang (f) bon
    • or
    • chan (h) bon
  40. wallet
    • gra (l) bpao (r) sa dtaang
    • or
    • gra (l) bpao (r) ngeun
  41. helmet
    muak gan nawk (h)
  42. definitely/surely
    nee (f) nawn
  43. all day
    thang (h) wan
  44. every meal
    thuk (h) meu (h)
  45. maybe
    • naa (f) ja (l)
    • or
    • aa ja (l)
  46. local food
    thawng (h) thin (l)
  47. some, in part, somewhat, to some extent
    baang (f)
  48. to take (someone from one place to another)
  49. never
    mai (f) kaui
  50. take a rest
    phak (h) phawn (l)
  51. hanging on the wall
    khween (r) yuu bon pha nang (r)
  52. near or close to
    dtit (l) gap (l)
  53. opposite
    dtrong khaam (f)
  54. practice book
    bEEp (l) feuk (l) hat (l)
  55. chair
    gao (l) ii (f)
  56. dictionary
    phot (h) ja naa nu (h) grom
  57. white board
    gra (l) dan
  58. when you ride the motorcycle, do you put on a helmet?
    meua (f) (or wee laa) khun khii motocy, khun sai muak gan nawk (f) mai ka?
  59. so-so
    cheui cheui
  60. where did you put the ruler?
    khun waang maai (h) ban that (h) wai thii (f) nai ka?
  61. mattress
    • thii (f) nawn
    • (at sleep)
  62. bed
  63. pillow
    mawn (r)
  64. uncooked rice
    khaao (f) san (r)
  65. cooked rice
    khaao (f) suay (r)
  66. bath towel
    phaa (f) chet (h) dtua
  67. hang to dry
    dtaak (l)
  68. house for rent/rental home
    baan (f) chao (f)
  69. vacation home/rest home
    baan (f) phak (h)
  70. front yard
    sa (l) naam (r) yaa (f)
  71. bedroom
    hawng (f) nawn
  72. storage room
    hawng (f) gep (l) khawng (r)
  73. bathtub
    aang (l) aap (l) nam (h)
  74. home office
    hawng (f) tham ngaan
  75. hot water
    nam (h) rawn (h)
  76. warm water
    nam (h) un (l)
  77. cold water
    nam (h) yen
  78. lie / liar
    goo hok / khon goo hok
  79. mobile phone
    thoo ra (l) sap (l) meu theu (r)
  80. home or office phone
    thoo ra (l) sap (l) baan (f) or aw (h) fit (h)
  81. boss
    jao (f) naai or hua (r) naa (f)
  82. washing machine
    khreuang (f) sak (h) phaa (f)
  83. electricity bill
    khaa (f) fai faa (h)
  84. fee
    khaa (f)
  85. water bill
    khaa (f) nam (h) bpra bpaa
  86. drinking water bill
    khaa (f) nam (h) deum
  87. cell phone bill
    khaa (f) thoo ra (l) sap (l) meu theu (r)
  88. home phone bill
    khaa (f) thoo ra (l) sap (l) baan (f) rrheu (r) aw (h) fit (h)
  89. waang....wai...preposition...
    khween (r).... wai....preposition
    jawt (l) ... wai....preposition
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