Pharm- antibiotic review questions

  1. basis for selective toxicity for sulfanomide drugs
    mammalian cells do not synthesize folic acid
  2. basis for selective toxicity of cephalosporins
    mammalian cells do not have a cell wall
  3. fluoroquinolones inhibit
    DNA gyrase
  4. most clinically important mechanism for resistance to the aminoglycosides is
    synthesis of drug-modifying enzymes by the resistant bacteria
  5. major side effect of isoniazid
    can yield a metabolite which alkylates liver cells and leads to hepatitis
  6. norfloxacin is contraindicated in
    • any pt under age 18
    • pregnancy
    • nursing mothers
  7. DOC against MRSA
  8. main virus against which acyclovir works against
    herpes virus
  9. if a young black man develops acute hemolytic anemia after taking an oral antimicrobial for tx of acute cystitis, what was he likely given
    a sulfonamide
  10. main benefit to multiple drug therapy of primary TB is
    delays the emergence of resistant strains of mycobacteria
  11. mechanism of action of ketoconazole involves
    inhibition of fungal ergosterol synthesis
  12. rimantadine is used to tx infections caused by
    influenza A virus
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