1. Acoustic
    related to sound
  2. acquisition
    the act of aquiring or obtaining something
  3. acronym
    words created out of several initials from several words
  4. adaptive
    capable of responding effectively to a new situation
  5. ambigous
    uncertain, open to interpretation
  6. chromosomal
    related to chromosomes, the microscopically visible carries of genetic inheritance
  7. cognitive
    related to thinking
  8. congenital
    present at birth
  9. contemplate
    consider, think about
  10. convert
    transform, change
  11. determinants
  12. deviance
    the failure to follow established social rules
  13. fetal
    to unborn offspring still in the womb
  14. hypotheticals
    things exsisting only as theories, not yet realities
  15. icons
    • 1) visual symbols or representations which, in text books, signal signifigance
    • 2) a person who is the object of much attention, asin a "pop icon"
  16. incurs
    produces, brings about
  17. landmark
    • having important consequences on future studies
    • also a decisive turning point
  18. mnemonic
    memory aid, a famous and common mnemonic used for spelling is "i before e except after c"
  19. molten
    heated to the point of becoming a liquid
  20. oblivion
    condition of being completely forgotten
  21. personified
    offering the perfect illustration
  22. prenatal
    before birth, related to unborn offspring still in the womb
  23. projection
    prediction of future sales
  24. regress
    move backward
  25. repulsed
  26. sage
    wise person; also wise
  27. denomination
    a group of units having specific values
  28. obscurity
    the state of being unknown
  29. anecdotal
    not scientific, based on personal stories
  30. conformity
    obedience, willingness to follow rules
  31. fidelity
    faithfulness, loyalty
  32. commitment
    the state of being bonded emotionally or intellectually to another person
  33. asteroid
    small or minor planet
  34. creed
    belief, religion
  35. discrimination
    • the act of showing prejudice
    • in favor of or against a particular group
  36. dignitaries
    people in high positions
  37. electors
    people chosen to cast their vote for president
  38. renovated
  39. placebos
    substances that have no healing effect on the body but are believed by the people taking them to be of medical value
  40. dementia
    loss of the normal ability to think, concentrate and remember
  41. consolidate
  42. random
    not occurring according to a set pattern; inconsistent
  43. speculators
    people who buy something with the expectation of a quick sale and a quick profit
  44. disorienting
    causing mental confusion
  45. conclusive
    final; putting an end to doubt
  46. traumatic
    causing serious injury
  47. mutilation
    the crippling or deforming of a body part
  48. liberate
    set free
  49. comprehensive
    wide-ranging or complete in coverage
  50. quarantine
    period of isolation to present the spread of disease
  51. etching
    art made by imprinting an image on a metal plate
  52. paradoxically
    comparisons between two unlike things that share a similar function or prcess, suggesting that two things a like in somerespects are alike in others
  53. anthropological
    of or having to do with the study of human beings and their ancestory and cultures
  54. innovative
    original, inventive
  55. preceden
    an example that becomes a pattern for future actions
  56. flouting
    showing contempt for or disregarding
  57. predators
    animals that kill to survive
  58. habitats
    living spaces for specific species
  59. cultivated
    cared for
  60. devotees
    follower, believers
  61. staple
    a basic or essential element of something
  62. geriatric
    related to the elderly
  63. nocturnal
  64. productivity
    ability to produce goods
  65. toxic
  66. pollutants
    substances that are harmful
  67. reproductive
    related to birth
  68. genetic
    having to do with biological inheritance
  69. homage
    a show of respect
  70. charisma
    personal magnetism or charm
  71. subsequent
    following a time
  72. graphic
    obvious and vivid often associated with sex and violence
  73. sociopathic
    lacking all moral or ethical sense
  74. instigate
    caused, motivated
  75. supernatural
    relating to things not happening in the ordinary world; miraculous
  76. mediums
    people who claim they can communicate with the dead
  77. psychosis
    a mental disturbance that causes severe reality distortion
  78. satellite
    an object propelled into space to circle earth or othrt planets
  79. orbits
    paths of movement
  80. barren
    unable to reproduce; dry; lacking in vegetation
  81. inherently
    at the core; by nature
  82. commodity
    something that is bought or sold in the market
  83. imperial
  84. edict
    ruling; law
  85. compound
    building or building used as housing and surrounded by walls
  86. maim
    injure severely, usually with scarring and loss of limbs
  87. cardiovascular
    related to the heart and blood vessels
  88. purge
    remove waste from the bowel or stomach; also to eleminate or get rid of
  89. thrive
  90. disreputable
    lacking in respectability
  91. fray
    battle, contest, test
  92. notorious
    famous for bad reasons
  93. amphibians
    animals that can live in water and on land
  94. respiratory
    related to breathing
  95. adverse
  96. catapult
  97. chortles
    laughs, chuckles
  98. confidante
  99. dissembled
  100. distillation
    the process of heating a liquid until it boils and then collecting whats left after boilng; also, reducing something to its essence, or most basic elements
  101. gravitas
    dignity or seriosness
  102. heresy
    challening church law
  103. hypothermia
    abnormally low body temperature
  104. indulgent
    lenient, inclined to spoil
  105. innovation
    introdution of something new
  106. ludicrous
    absurd, ridiculous
  107. logos
    symbols representing institutions or companies
  108. matyrs
    people willing to die for their faith or to save the lives of others
  109. palpitations
    unusually fast heartbeat
  110. progressive
    supporting social or political charge
  111. quips
    quick one liners
  112. stamina
    ability to stay strong over time
  113. suffrage
    the right to vote
  114. terrain
    an area of ground or land
  115. abolitionist
    a person who wanted to end slavery
  116. abstract
    descibes ideas that cannot be understood or felt by the physical senses; justice; honesty
  117. altruistic
  118. apathy
    lack of feeling or energy
  119. aspirations
    hopes, desires
  120. aura
    feeling, atmosphere; area ssurrounding
  121. authoritarian
    demanding strict obedience
  122. candidly
    openly, directly
  123. certifies
    formally confirms as accurate
  124. concrete
    describes ideas that can be comprehended by one or more physical senses
  125. consenus
    form of group agreement
  126. credence
  127. dubbed
  128. electoral
    related to voting
  129. exorbidant
    excessive, especially in the sense of price or demands
  130. extroverted
    out going
  131. incarnate
    in the flesh; repesenting perfect example of something
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