1. Bone scan
    Radioactive substance injected intravenously its uptake in bones is detected with a scanning device.
  2. Brain scan
    Radioactive substance injected intravenously. It collects in any lesion that disturbs the natural barrier that exists between blood vessels and normal brain tissue allowing radioactive substance to enter the brain tissue. Scanning device detects the presence of the radioactive substance.
  3. Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scan)
    Radioactive substances that release radioactive particles injected and travel to specialized areas of the body. Cross sectional pictures can be made showing the location of the radioactive substance.
  4. Pulmonary perfusion scan
    Radioactive particles are injected intravenously and travel rapidly to areas of the lung that are adequately filled with blood. Regions of obstructed blood flow can be seen as nonradioactive areas on the scan.
  5. Thyroid scan
    Radioactive iodine injected intravenously or swallowed then collects in thyroid gland. Scanning device detects the radiotracer int the gland tissue, producing image that shows size, shape, and position of the thyroid.
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