5 Marge is the biggest klutz!

  1. Sharon and Irv are gung-ho about their new house! (Chinese)
    adj. enthusiastic
  2. My niece is already in kindergarten and she's only three years old. (German)
    a pre-first grade program for four-year -old to six-year-old children that serves as an introduction to school
  3. Baking has always ben Bertha's forte. She bakes the most amazing cakes! (Italian)
    n. a skill at which a person excels
  4. My girlfriend works in a clothing boutique in Beverly Hills. (French)
    a small shop that sells specialty items
  5. You won't believe what Ralph said to me today, and this verbatim.. (Latin)
    adv. in the exact words
  6. Ever since Eric started bobybuilding, he thinks he's super macho. (Spanish)
    adj. manly in an aggressive and wven exaggerated way
  7. Laurie is so blase' about everything. Nothing gets her excited any more. (French)
    adj. indifferent, uninterested
  8. I felt tremendous angst during my job interview! (German)
    n. a feeling of anxiety
  9. Tina is such a prima donna. If she doesn't get everything she wants, including everyone's attention, she gets upset. (Italian)
    a temperamental and conceited person (either man or woman)
  10. All three of us are best friends. There was camaraderie between us instantly. (French)
    n. a feeling of friendship among people
  11. My uncle is such a klutz. He always has stupid little accidents. (Yiddish)
    a clumsy person
  12. Our new boss expects everyone to kowtow to him. He really enjoys that kind of power! (Chinese)
    v. to act in a very submissive and subservient manner
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5 Marge is the biggest klutz!
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