mgmt 3003 chap 7

  1. routine requests have three parts
    • 1. an opening
    • 2. a body
    • 3. a close
  2. the direct approach-effective strategy for writing routine replies and positve messages
    open the main idea, clear statement of requst. use body to give details and justify request then close by requesting specific action
  3. describe six common types of strategy for routines replies and positve messges
    • stating your request up front
    • 1. pay attention to tone- please and I would appreciate
    • 2.Assume that your audience will comply-will comply when they clearly understand the reason for request
    • 3.Be specific- specific

    • explaining and justifying request
    • -ask important questions first
    • -ask only relevant questions
    • -deal with only one topic per question

    • close your message with three important elements
    • 1. specific request that includes relevant dealines
    • about how you can be reached
    • 3. expression of appreciation or goodwill.
    • asking for info or action
    • what you want to know or what you want readers to do
    • why youre makin the request
    • why it may be in your readers interest to help

    • asking for recommendations
    • organizes your inquiry using the direct approach

    • Making Claims and Requestionf Adjustments
    • claim -formal complaint
    • adjustment- settle of claim
    • keep cool
  5. Strategy for routine replies and positive message
    • communicate the info or good news
    • answer all questions
    • provide all required details
    • leave your reader with a good impression of you and firm
  6. Most routine and positive messages fall into six categories
    • ansers to requests for info and action-if answered yes use direct approach. companied usualll develop form responses that can be customized as needed. ready to make templates.
    • grants of claims and requests for adjustment - view every mistake as an opportunity to improve relationship.
    • recommnedation
    • the candidates full name, position seeking, nature of relationship, facts and evidence relevant to opportunity, a comparison of this candidates potential with that of peers if available, your overall evaluation
    • info messages- uses as reminders or notices and policy statements.
    • good-news announcements-spread word about positive developments. communicated in news release/press media release.
    • goodwill messages - enhance relationships with customers.congratulate individuals or companies for signifcant achievements. message of appreciation.offering condolences
  7. writing routine business requests
    a couteous claose
    • 1.specific request
    • 2. info about how you can be reached
    • 3. an expression of appreciation or goodwill
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