Sociology Ch8

  1. What are 2 fudamental turning points in human history?
    • Neolithic Agricultural Revolution: 8000 B.C., resources hunted, tools made, ect.
    • Industrial Revolution: 1780's, things started enhanceing like work, jobs, family organization, transition from rural to urban life.
  2. What are 5 factors linked to the post-industrial transformation of the U.S. economy?
    • Advance Production Technologies: computers are doing jobs
    • Globalization: production, relay on different places in the world, trade (competition)
    • Capital Flight: production for a better cost
    • Shift from manufactureing to service based economy: manufacturing pays more
    • Weakend Unions: decreased over time
  3. What is Outsourcing?
    The practice of corporations of contracting work outside the company and its relatively well-paid workers to companies inside and outside the United States where costs are cheaper
  4. What is Sunrise Industries?
    Industries characterized by increased output and employment.
  5. What is the impact of the post-industrial transformation of the U.S. economy on the American labor Marker?
    Education, Debt, Dual Incomes, Sociological and Psychological Strain
  6. Explain America's Shrinking Middle Class
    • Less than 25k = Increased Slightly 2/3
    • Between 25k = Decreased Slightly
    • More than 25k = Basically unchanged 1/3
  7. What is the relationship between wages & productivity?
    • Wages have remained stagnant or declined
    • while productivitie has risen
  8. How has the baby boom generation affeccted american society?
    Baby Boomers are going to put a large drain on an already miserable existence of health care in the U.S.
  9. What is the dependency ratio?
    The relationship between old-age Social Security recipients and those workers paying Social Security taxes
  10. Who are the working poor?
    Poor people that work full time for an entire year and still remain poor.
  11. Who are the new poor?
    People that have lost their jobs and become very poor
  12. What are 2 trends that set new immigration apart from past immigration?
    • The volume of immigration is relatively large
    • The racial landscape and rate of population growth are greatly affected
  13. What are the settlement patterns of the new migration?
    • Asians = west coast
    • Mexicans = south west (with other latinos scattered)
    • Recent Immigrants = two coasts and southwest
  14. What are the consequences of the new immigration?
    • increasing diversity
    • the reaction of the hosts to the new immigrants
    • the effects of immigration on the immigrants
    • trends
    • volumes
  15. What is Assimilation?
    The process by which individuals or groups voluntarily or involuntarily adopt the culture of another group, losing their original identity.
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