1. What are two documents that can be used to reference hardware?
    • Manuf. Parts Manual
    • STC installation paperwork
  2. Thread diameter up to and including .216 is sized how?
    .250 and up is sized how?
    • .216-uses screw sizes, 0-12
    • .250-fractional sizes
  3. Name the 5 classes of fits with regaurds to threads?
    • #1-loose-wing nut
    • #2-free-screw
    • #3-medium-bolts
    • #4-close-wrench is needed
    • # 5-tight-
  4. True/False-Dirk's beard makes him look like a terrorist?
  5. What does NF stand for?
    National Fine
  6. What type of applications are NF threads used on?
    • high torque requirements
    • cycle loading
  7. What type of bolts are AN bolts?
  8. What does NC stand for?
    National Course
  9. What type of applications are NC bolts used on?
    • Lower torque req.
    • lower cycle loads
    • threading into softer materail
  10. AN Specs has two important criteria that MUST be met, what are they?
    • Traceability
    • Cert. through invoicing
  11. How are bolt diameters sized?
    in 1/16th increments, diameter is always 0.0-.0005" undersize
  12. How are bolt lenghts sized?
    in 1/8 increments, lenght is always slightly more than nominal
  13. how long is a bolt that has a designation of-
    • -1 and 0/8ths
    • -1 and 1/8ths
    • -1 and 7/8ths
    • - 2 and 5/8ths
  14. What are the 3 classifications for nuts?
    • Alum
    • corrosion resistant
    • brass
  15. How can you tell if a nylon lock nut is fucked?
    • don't use if the nut has no drag,
    • must have 3 threads to be in safety
  16. What fasteners must incorperate two seperate types of locking devices?
    any bolt, screw, nut, pin or other fasteners whose loss could jeopardize the safe operation of the a/c
  17. What do the following designations mean?
    • O-Cadmium
    • C-Corrosion
    • B-Brass
    • D or PD-Alum
    • L-Lightweight
  18. do self tapping screws need a pilot hole? and how can they be identified?
    No, self tapping. identified by a X on the head
  19. A AN73-A4 bolt is what type of bolt?
    Prop Bolt, -A4 means its a course thread
  20. What is the only application that clevis bolts are used?
    Only in Shear
  21. How does UNF threads differ from NPT
    • UNF-Non-tapered, seals on angle mating surfaces
    • NPT-Tapered, seals on threads
  22. How are AN fittings sized?
    corresponds to metal tube O.D.
  23. What are Bulkhead fittings used for?
    • goes through bulkhead or structure.
    • Boss o-ring installations into castings, pumps, actuators
  24. In a hydraulic system, what is defined as low, med and high pressure?
    • below 1,000 psi
    • 1,000-1,500 psi
    • up to 3,000psi
  25. Name 3 types of hose clamps?
    • worm screw
    • snapper
    • speed clamp
  26. Name 4 types inner liners used on flexible hoses?
    • Neoprene
    • Buna-N
    • Butyl-phosphate ester
    • Teflon
  27. Where would you expect to find hoses in the aircraft?
    Anywhere movement is expected
  28. What is the purpose of lay lines on hoses?
    shows how straight the hose is and indicates bubbles
  29. What runs over hoses in engine bays?
    fire Sleeve
  30. How are engine bolts applied?
    Duh, 'with the Prop running' you fuckin idoit!
  31. What is an Adel Clamp?
    Support clamp
  32. Name the 5 general rules with hoses
    • slack in the hose
    • lay hose straight (can cause fittings to loosen off?)
    • Enough relief to bend during movement
    • Neatness, proper runs
  33. What is the function of the o-ring?
  34. what happens if o-ring is exposed to more than 1,500psi?
    causes o-ring to push out of the installation
  35. What are the 3 types of cables?
    • 1X7
    • 7X7
    • 7X19
  36. how are control cables specified?
    • sized by O.D.
    • Galivinazied or stainless
  37. how do you check swaged cable terminals?
    with a go-nogo gauge
  38. What is the groove for on the turnbuckle?
    identifies the left hand thread
  39. which turnbuckles have slots ?
    • MS-clips
    • AN-lockwire
  40. whats a carplug
    seals fittings apon disassembly
  41. what application are gromments used in?
    high heat
  42. Define CAT, CEET, SCAT and SCEET ducting?
    • CAT-black with single ply neoprene, impregnated with fibreglass
    • SCAT-Silicone rubber impregnated, higher heat, orange
    • CEET-similar to CAT, 2 plies with wire in between plies
    • SCEET- similar to SCAT, 2 plies with wire in between plies
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