1. Definition of E Commerce
    A set of technologies, applications, and processes that ink business and consumers to one another or each other
  2. What makes up traditional commerce? (3)
    • Product: typically tangeible material object
    • Process: Phyical interaction between buyers and sellers
    • Agent: Co-located individuals(people in store)
  3. What makes up ECommerce? (3)
    • Product: tangible OR DIGITAL
    • Process:ONLINE interactions between buyers and sellers
    • Agent: LACK of co-location(web page or email)
  4. Types of E commerce (3)
    • Consumer to Consumer (c2c) -like ebay
    • Business to business (B2B) -retailer ordering from supplier
    • Business to consumer (B2C)
  5. What is C2C E commerce?
    • Peer to Peer (file sharing)
    • Cottage Industry (Online garage sale)
    • Centeralized online seller websites (craigslist)
  6. Craigslist
    • Founded by Craig Newmark in SF in 95
    • Originally email newsletter
    • Expanded into online classifieds
  7. Ebay
    • Founded by Pierre Omidyar as Auction Wars
    • 2 primary sources of revenue
    • (1) sellers pay fee
    • (2) Take a percentage from each sale
  8. Why des ebay have high profability?
    • No inventory
    • No transportation
    • No cost except website operation
    • Owns 30% of primary competition (Craigslist)
    • Revenue continues to rise!
  9. B2B and B2C:Virtual value chain
    • Inbound Logistics: acquiring materials
    • Production: maufacture, assemble, train workers
    • Outbound Log: deliver to retailers
    • Marketing: advertise
    • Sales: convince consumer to buy
    • Customer support: after sale follow up
  10. How B2C works
  11. Succes of B2C ECommerce

    Ex. netflix beats blockbuster
  12. Advatages of B2C
    • Supplier opportunities
    • Consumer benefit
  13. What is telepresence
    • It is the future of global commerce
    • -Due to an increased need to work closely with others across the states, time zones and nations
  14. Telerobotics is best suited for
    telepresent surgery and warfare
  15. Advantages of telepresence
    • increased productivity
    • reduced travel expenses
    • decreasing price of equipment
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