1. The main part of the Nervous system for Phylum Porifera is
    B. Doesn't have one
  2. What part of Phylum Platyhelminthes acts as a brain?
    D. The ganglion
  3. Out of these groups, which group has a complex nervous system?
    A. Phylum Arthropoda, Class Arachnida
  4. Of the following, which group does not have a complex nervous system?
    B. Phylum Arthropoda, class insecta
  5. Of the following, which group does not have a ganglion?
    A. Phylum Athropoda, Class Crustacea
  6. Which group has an Ocellus?
    B. Phylum Cnidaria
  7. Between which group is there a leap?
    B. Phylum Chordata, Class Chrondrichthyes - Phylum Chordata, Class Osteichythyes
  8. Which group falls?
    C. Phylum Mollusca -- Phylum Arthropoda, Class Crustacea
  9. What part of the internal skin on a sponge creates water currents?
    D. Choanocytes
  10. Flatworms absorb oxygen through their
    C. skin
  11. Produced by flatworms' skin,this is the most essential part of a flatworm's integumentary system - Cuticle (bodily covering)
    C. Cuticle (bodily covering)
  12. Clams, snails, and oysters are protected by a hard shell made mostly of
    A. Calcium Carbonate
  13. Spider,s like lobsters and shrimp, have a hard protective shell on their bodies that acts as skin called an
    A. Exoskeleton
  14. Hard shells found on lobster crabs, and spiders are made of
    C. Chitin
  15. Beetles, bees, and flies all have an integumentary system that
    C. Protects internal organs
  16. The outer layer of skin on a starfish is made up of
    A. Bumbs and Spines
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