Soc102 Family, marriage and intimate relationships

  1. What is the concept of Courtship?
    The process by which a commitment to marriage is developed.
  2. What is the concept of blind marriage?
    Neither partners see eachother untill the day of their wedding.
  3. What is the concept of forced marriage?
    The bride and groom are forced to marry against their will.
  4. What is the concept of green card marriage?
    When a immigrant exchanges marriage to a US citizen for a green card.
  5. What is the concept of dowry?
    Goods or money that a woman brings to the marriage.
  6. What is the concept of egalitarian partnership?
    Both partners play similar roles.
  7. Dating
    The process of meetiong people socially for the purpose of forming a relationship.
  8. Six functions of dating
    • 1.Recreation
    • 2.Companionship
    • 3.Intimacy and sex
    • 4. Mate selection
    • 5.Soocialization
    • 6.Status achievement
  9. Propinquity
    Their nearness to you in place and time meeting people at sch, wrk etc.
  10. Endogamy
    Cultural expectation that a person marries with in his own social group.
  11. Exogamy
    Marrying outside your family group and not practice sex with a sibling.
  12. Marriage squeeze
    One sex has a more limited pool of eligivle marriage candidates that the other
  13. Marriage gradient
    tendency for men to marry downward in class and women marry upward with respect education occupation success
  14. Three stge filitering process
    • 1. Stimulus -physical attraction
    • 2.Values- individual values
    • 3.Roles - role compatiblity
  15. Model
    Relationship driven couple and event driven couple
  16. Engagement
    period of time that begins with the marriage propasal and a formal announcement that the couple plans to be married.
  17. Video dating
    websites videos of others talking and sharing videos of yourself
  18. Marriage bureaus
    Arrange introduction for a fee
  19. Protecting yourself
    Identity untill your ready to reveal it
  20. Hooking up
    a physical encounter that allows possible sexual interaction without commitment.
  21. Joined at the hip
    couples that do everything together "the college marriage"
  22. Cohabitation
    couples living together emotionally sexually involved without marriage
  23. four reason for cohabitating
    • 1.The linus blanket- hight insecurity
    • 2.Emarapation- independence from their parents
    • 3. Convenience- partners that need fulfilment without benefit of a traditional marriage
    • 4.Testing- trial marriage engaged
  24. Characteristics of people living together
    independence sex attitute religion income education
  25. Increased
    Social tolerance female equality women working
  26. Three stages of living together
    • Blending 1 yr infactuation
    • Nesting 2-3 yr dealing with house hold
    • Maintaining4-3yr dealing with conflict, household frequency of sex
  27. Commuter marriage
    a dual career marriage in which each partner lives in a different geographical areal, yet the pair still maintain their commitment to their family.
  28. Main reasons why grandparents become the caregivers of their grandchildren.
    Financial reasons
  29. Traditional family
    a unit made up of two people or more people who are related by blood, marriage or adoption and who live together.
  30. non family household
    one person who lives alone or two people who live with unrelated individuals within a unit.
  31. lifestyle
    a pattern by whih a person organizes his or her living arangements in relation to others
  32. single
    among heterosexuals the never married widowed or divorced
  33. Five classifications of singles
    • 1.Free floating single- unnattached and dates randomly
    • 2.Open couple single- has a partner but is open to others
    • 3.Closed couple single- faithful partner that is not open to others
    • 4.Commited single- Commited to their partner and is engaged to be married-maintained fidelity
    • 5.Accommodationist single- unnattached life, has friends but no romantic or sexual contacts.
  34. Heteroexuality and homosexuality
    Sexual inclination toward members of the opposite sex and sexual inclination toward members of the same sex.
  35. Discrimination and Prejudice
    Act of un fair treatment directed against an individual or group. An attitude or prejudging ussually negative of an individual or group.
  36. Homophobia
    anti prejudice- a negative attitude toward homosexuality and homosexuals
  37. Five types of Homos
    • Closed couples
    • open couples
    • functionals
    • dysfunctionals
    • asexuals
  38. Homos differ from straight couples
    Egalitarian and no family support
  39. Domestic partnership
    people who have chosen to cohabit or share each others lives in an intimate and committed relationship
  40. Civil unions
    status similar to marriage allowing gays to benefits enjoyed by married heteros
  41. Types of Communal living
    • College living arrangements
    • Elders
    • Co housing communities
    • Israeli farming cooperatives.
  42. Swinging and Open sexually marriage
    • a arrangement in which committed couples exchange partners to engage in purely recreational sex.
    • married couple agrees that each may have emotional and sexual relations with others... and having their marriage the primary relationship
  43. Advantages
    delaying having children to finish education, relationship etc
  44. Opportunity cost
    the loss of wages and wages and investments parents sacrifice by devoting time and energy to other persuits
  45. Safe haven laws
    leaving a newborn at a hospital er, fire station or other places.
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