Microanatomy Exam 3

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  1. What are the functions of blood?
    • Transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
    • Carry nutrients to cells
    • Excretion of waste
    • Heat Regulation
    • Fluid Volume balance
    • Hormone transport
    • Defensive cell transport
  2. What is serum?
    Plasma minus the clotting factors.

  3. What are immunoglobulins produced by?
    Plasma cells
  4. Name two non immunoglobulins, and where they are produced.
    • Albumin (major part of osmotic pressure)
    • Globulins alpha and beta (serve as carriers of ions, hormones and lipids)
    • Produced in the liver
  5. What is an immature red blood cell called?
  6. What does anisocytosis and poikilocytosis mean?
    • Anisocytosis is abnormal variation in size
    • Poikilocytosis is variation in shape
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Microanatomy Exam 3
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