More Mayan Archaeologists

  1. Eric S. Thompson
    • Thought Mayans worshiped time b/c of abundance of dates one stela
    • He also thought they were peaceful
  2. Yuri Knororsor
    Discovered Maya used system of logographs and phonetic symbols
  3. Linda Schele
    Categorized Mayan Verbs so we can read hieroglyphs
  4. David Stuart
    • Genius kid
    • Developed system so we could speak the ancient language
  5. Denis Puleston
    • Tikal Settlement Survey
    • Discovered fortified walls; moats, booby-trap, indicating Tikal was under attack
  6. Rebecca Storey
    • Anemia – malnutrition of 80% of population – elites and reg. population @ Copan
    • Environmental degradation model
  7. Ann Corin Fretter
    • Obsidian Dating @ Copan
    • Indicates when people migrated
  8. David Rue
    • Palynology: pollen dating
    • Indicates when fields grew over @ Copan, abandonment was gradual
  9. Bill Sanders
    • Studies modern farms
    • concluded soil depleted of nutrition
  10. Stephens and Catherwood
    Wrote Incidents of travel in Yucatan and Central America
  11. William Coe
    • Tikal
    • Dug trench – erosion fucked things up royally
  12. William Folah
    • Site of only stucco structure depicting daily life
  13. Martin and Grube
    Historical Reconstruction of Calakmul's takeover
  14. David Webber
    Land erosion due to over cropping buried structures
  15. Allan Robinson
    Cancuen - discovered Royal Family was brutally murdered
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