ANTH 1140 Exam 2 Questions

  1. Why do Tikal and Dos Pilas have the same emblem glyph?
    In 648AD, the prince from Tikal had enough and left, taking the emblem glyph to a new site which he called Yax Mutal ("New Tikal"), or Dos Pilas
  2. The four existing codices:
    • Dresden
    • Paris
    • Madrid
    • Mexico City
  3. The codices were produced in what period?
  4. At least four Maya cities show evidence of "strangers during the Early Classic Period. From where did these strangers come?
  5. True or False: Maya Classic Periods were painted with images of people eating tamales, artists painting, and people drinking beverages.
  6. A _________ is a supernatural composite creature that is composed of three parts, namely:
    • Chapaat
    • Bicephalic snake
    • Jaguar
    • Centipede
  7. Lintel 8 and 25 came from
  8. In Lintel 25, the woman is _________________, the man is __________________.
    • Lady Xoc
    • Large Penis Jaguar
  9. Pakal was buried in the structure ____________________ at the site of ___________________. This discovery was made by _______________.
    • Temple of the Inscriptions
    • Palenque
    • Alberto Ruz
    • ***sarcophagus cover***
  10. What happens to Maya Kings when they die?
    • He goes down to the underworld, is planted, then rises into the sky
    • He becomes a deified ancestor
  11. After sealing the tomb and stairs, Pakal was believed to communicate with his descendants through a/an ________________.
  12. True or False: J. Eric S. Thompson asserted that the Classic Period Maya were ruled by peaceful calendar-priests who erected monuments as part of their worship of time.
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