1. Philosophy
    A system or values or beliefs
  2. Immortality
    The condition of having an endless life
  3. Traipse
    To walk or tramp around
  4. Inclination
    A tendency to prefer one thing over another
  5. Craftiness
    Deviousness or deception
  6. Cache
    To store in a hiding place
  7. Migration
    The act of changing location seasonally, moving, movement
  8. Impregnable
    Impossible to enter be force
  9. Basking
    Warming oneself pleasantly as in sunlight, warming in the sun
  10. Undaunted
    Courageous, not discouraged
  11. Textual evidence
    Support for an argument
  12. Objective
    An end that can be achieved, fact
  13. Relay
    A race in which several team members take turns running to complete a race
  14. Insolent
    Insulting, arrogant
  15. Exposition
    Introduces the main characters, the setting and sometimes the conflict.
  16. Assurance
    Guarantee or pledge
  17. Set a purpose for reading
    Identify what you want to accomplish as you read
  18. Ensnare
    To take or catch in something
  19. Analyze
    Examine carefully and in detail
  20. Vehemently
    With intense emotion
  21. Stifled
  22. Stealthily
    Cautiously; secretly
  23. Characterization
    The way a writer creates and develops characters
  24. Rising Action
    Increases tension and builds the conflict
  25. Conviction
    A strong belief
  26. Inertia
    Resistance to motion, action or change
  27. Sage
    Wise or profound person
  28. Subtle
    Slight; difficult to detect
  29. Junction
    A place where 2 roads meet
  30. Prodigy
    A person with exceptional talent
  31. Gingerly
    With extreme care
  32. Summarize
    To briefly retell the main idea of a piece of writing in one�s own words
  33. Climax
    The point of greatest interest or the turning point in the story
  34. Opposition
    The act of opposing or resisting
  35. Audacity
    Shameless daring or boldness
  36. Retaliation
    A paying back of a wrong
  37. Restrain
    To hold back; to control
  38. Conceive
    To think of
  39. Setting
    The time and place of an action
  40. Authors Message
    Main idea or theme of a particular work
  41. Haughtily
    Proudly, scornfully
  42. Insight
    Wisdom and understanding
  43. Dent/dont
  44. Ped/pod
    Child or foot
  45. Theme
    A message about life or human nature that the writer shares with readers
  46. Corp
  47. Liable
    Likely to
  48. Vex
    To disturb; to annoy
  49. Retorted
    Reply quickly or sharply
  50. Predictions
    Reader�s strategy that involves using text clues to make a reasonable guess about what will happen next.
  51. Monotony
    Tedious sameness
  52. Suspense
    The state or quality of being undecided
  53. Lark
    Carefree or spirited adventure
  54. Magni
  55. Equ
  56. Acute
    Sharp; keen
  57. Myth
    A traditional story usually concerning a super human being or unlikely event
  58. Min
    Less Minor-less
  59. Cap
    Take/ seize
  60. Derision
  61. Crevice
  62. Adorn
    To enhance or decorate
  63. Omni
  64. Hypocritical
    False or deceptive
  65. Clutch
    To grasp and hold tightly
  66. Crouch
    To stoop with bent knees
  67. Foreshadowing
    A device that prepares readers for an event or action occurring later in the plot
  68. Resolution
    Reveals the final outcome of events and ties up loose ends
  69. Falling Action
    Shows the results of the climax and brings the story to a close
  70. Sinister
    Suggesting or threatening evil
  71. Bewilderment
    The state of confuse or astonished
  72. Poly
  73. Illuminated
    Lite up, lighted, made bright
  74. Side Kick
    A close friend
  75. Deceive
    Cause to believe what is not true
  76. Diminish
    To become smaller or less
  77. Refrain
    To hold oneself back, to stop
  78. Arrogant (Relay)
    Displaying a sense of self-importance
  79. Inferences
    Logical guess that is made based of facts and one�s own knowledge and experiences
  80. Imagery
    The use of description that makes something easy to imagine
  81. Thesis Statement
    Is the main proposition that a writer attempts to support in a piece of writing
  82. Adjust rate to purpose
    Change pace to fit what you are reading
  83. Topic Sentence
    States the paragraphs main idea; other sentences provide supporting details
  84. Defy
    To boldly oppose or resist
  85. Volatile
    Difficult to define or pin down
  86. Opaque
    Hidden; difficult or impossible to understand
  87. Rationalize
    To make explanations for one�s behavior
  88. Inevitable
    That which cannot be avoided or prevented
  89. Author�s purpose
    Write to persuade; inform; entertain; express
  90. Labyrinth
    A maze
  91. Gen
    Birth; race; produce
  92. Mort
  93. Central idea
    Main thought; theme
  94. Analyze
    Examine closely
  95. Scale
    To climb up or over; ascend
  96. Searing
    Hot enough to burn; char; scorch
  97. Cavernous
    Deep or vast cavern or large cave
  98. Pinnacle
    A peak; a pointed top
  99. Ven/vent
  100. Complex
    Interconnected parts
  101. Melancholy
    Sad; depressed
  102. Brusquely
    In an abrupt, sudden manner
  103. Reserve
    Self-restraint in the way on looks
  104. Terr
  105. Perpetual
    Continuing without interruption
  106. Chronological order
    Events are presented in order in which they happen
  107. Replete
    Abundantly supplies
  108. Improvised
    To put together with little preparation or planning
  109. Interrogation
    An official or formal questioning
  110. Summon
    To send for; call
  111. Vigilant
  112. Refuge
    A source of comfort in times of trouble
  113. Meddle
    To intrude or interfere
  114. Contradiction
    Denial; an expression that is opposite to
  115. Summary
    To briefly retell the main idea of a piece of writing in one�s own words
  116. Hydra/hydro
  117. Irretrievably
    Permanently; in a manner that cannot be reversed
  118. Aer
  119. Listless
    Lacking energy
  120. Recuperation
    A return to health or strength; recovery
  121. Patronize
    To go to as a customer
  122. Dowdy
    Out of style; shaggy
  123. Novelty
    To quality of being new
  124. Barricade
    A structure that blocks passage
  125. Ineptitude
    Clumsiness, lack of competence
  126. Denounce
    To condemn; to criticize
  127. Unravel
    To undo; come apart
  128. Astr/aster
  129. Spir
  130. Memoir
    A form of autobiographical writing in which a writer describes events in his or her life
  131. Junct
  132. Theme
    Message about life or human nature that the writer shares with the reader
  133. Bio
  134. Ravage
    Serious damage or destruction
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