Geography final exam

  1. Which way is the pacific plate moving?
  2. Hawaii was principal resupply point for what industry after 1820s?
  3. Name of first European to visit Hawaii
  4. Does Hawaii have any unique bird species?
  5. Max amount of precipitation received in Honolulu single day?
  6. Mount Waialeale (world's wettest spot) receives how much precipitation year?
  7. Latitude of Honolulu?
  8. In Hawaii, highest rainfall amounts equals highest elevations?
  9. What is Honolulu's record high temperature?
  10. Cliffs on Molokai are how high?
  11. How were Hawaiian Islands formed?
  12. Hudson Bay Company was interested primarily in what product?
  13. Nunavut was formed out of what Canadian Province?
  14. Group that forms North America's pre-European population?
  15. How thick is the Arctic ice pack?
  16. Word that is synonymous with Taiga?
  17. Max depth of permafrost?
  18. Far northern islands receive as much snow as Washington, DC?
  19. What is the highest average January temperature in the Northlands?
  20. City closely linked with Boeing Corp?
  21. Canada's busiest seaport?
  22. Canada's second largest city and population of it?
  23. Name the three largest (population) cities North Pacific Coast region?
  24. What transportation development opened WA and OR?
  25. First Europeans to settle North Pacific coast... careful?
  26. What term "potlatch" mean?
  27. First European explorer to sail the Oregon coast?
  28. Is Juneau connected to the rest of Alaska by road?
  29. What is the highest peak in North America?
  30. Are there any parts of North Pacific Coast semiarid?
  31. Greatest amounts of precipitation in the North Pacific Coast... winter or summer?
  32. How much precipitation falls on western slopes of Olympic Mountains?
  33. When was the Metropolitan Water District formed?
  34. What is the percentage of precipitation consumed by CA farmers and urban areas?
  35. What industry consumes the gretest amount of H2O in CA?
  36. Current state that leads total market value agriculture?
  37. What CA city benfited the most from the Gold Rush?
  38. What year "Gold Rush" begin in Sierra Nevadas?
  39. What are "Ranchos"?
  40. Year Spanish explorers first reached CA?
  41. World's tallest tree?
  42. Central Valley vs CA coast... which receives most precipitation?
  43. North or South CA, which is the wettest?
  44. What are maquiladoras?
  45. Sierra Mountains... what type of mountains are they?
  46. CA has the highest and lowest elevations in the coterminous US?
  47. Average summits of mountains in Coastal Range, CA, in feet?
  48. What year did a devastatig earthquake hit San Francisco?
  49. Bracero Program related to what?
  50. What state is most noted for "Tejanos"?
  51. What percentage of CA's population is Hispanic?
  52. "Presidio" refers to what?
  53. Year Santa Fe was founded?
  54. Largest Native American tribe found in the four corners area?
  55. Who settled CA first... Anglos or Spanish?
  56. Percent of Native Americans in the Southwest Region?
  57. Are asians traditionally part of the Southwest's tricultural development?
  58. State where Mormon religion was founded (not Utah)?
    New York
  59. what is the function of the BLM?
  60. World's first national park?
  61. US president who created Forst Service?
  62. How much land in NV controlled by the US govt?
  63. Today's bison population is?
  64. Name of the largest lake in the Empty Interior?
  65. Deepest canyon... the Grand Canyon or Snake River Canyon?
  66. What are "aretes"... think about glaciers?
    is a thin, almost knife-like, ridge of rock which is typically formed when two glaciers erode parallel U-shaped valleys.
  67. Most of the population in Empty Interior are of what origin?
  68. Prmary crop in Alberta?
  69. Most Canadian wheat passes through what city?
  70. Who are sidewalk farmers?
    refers to individuals who live in urban areas and drive to the country to care for their crops and livestock
  71. What year was barbed wire invented?
    In 1873 1874
  72. Early Euro-American settlers were located where on the Great Plains?
  73. Great Plains state with the most Tornados?
  74. Major droughts occur about every how many years?
    every 22 years a major drought occurs
  75. Most precipitation caused by what "lifting" process?
  76. Where are the Black Hills located?
    western South Dakota and partially in eastern Wyoming
  77. What happens to elevation changes in the Great Plains?
  78. Karst formations are associated with what type of rocks?
    An area possessing surface topography resulting from the underground solution of subsurface limestone or dolomite.
  79. What is a lacustrine plain?
    A nearly level land area that was formed as a lake bed.
  80. Why are the interior plains flat?
  81. Interior plains have a marine climate?
    false... they have a Continental climate.
  82. The last killing frost comes during what time of year?
    Mid April in the South, Mid May in the North (spring).
  83. Average precipitations in interior plains how many inches/year?
    More than 75 centimeters (30 inches) per year on average. The core’s southern portion is in excess of 100 centimeters (40 inches)
  84. Prairie Wedge found in what state?
    "A zone of grassland in Illinois where trees should be growing." However, most likely the Indians burned them down to bring grazing animals, they hunted and killed Bambi!
  85. What type of vegetation originally found in Ohio, Indiana, and lower MI?
    Mixed hardwood forests covered most of the land.
  86. Does longitude make a difference to the amounts of precipitation interior plains?
    Longitude – a measure of distance east and west of a line drawn between the North and South Poles. ????????????
  87. Two states top oil producers in Southern Coastlands?
    Texas Louisiana
  88. Vieux Carre found in what city?
    French colonial heritage of the French quarter in LA
  89. Climate of Southern Coastlands?
    Humid and subtropical, the climate gives the regions mild winter temperatures, hot summers, and a long growing season.
  90. How much rain falls in area around New Orleans/area?
  91. What state produces the most oranges?
  92. Second most important citrus crop produced in FL?
  93. Percent of FL population over 60 years of age?
  94. Are droughts a common event in the Southern Coastlands?
  95. Which state in Southern Coastland produces the most rice?
  96. Which crop is only grown in Southern Coastland and Hawaii?
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