DC Theory test 1

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  1. An invisible force that can produce heat, motion, light, and other physical effects is?
  2. What convention did benjamin Franklin Suggest
    Like objects repel, opposites attract
  3. as electrons flow through a conductor, the number of of electrons is measured by the number of coulombs per second that move pass a _____ in a circuit
    fixed point
  4. The unit of electrical current flow is?
  5. The coloumb is defined as the total charge of?
    6.25 x 10^18 electrons
  6. The amount of current flowing through a circuit can be measured with a?
  7. the thoery of current flow in which current flows from negatve to positive is?
    Electron current flow
  8. electrical potential of one volt will cause one coulomb of current to do one ____ of work
  9. Instrument used to measure Resistance?
  10. Completed path for current to flow from a source of current through a load and back to the source of current?
  11. when current finds and alternate path back to source, rather than taking path through load, this is called a?
    short circuit
  12. ohms law states that it takes one volt to push one amp through
    one ohm of resistance
  13. current flow in an electrical circuit is caused by voltage and opposed by ?
  14. in a circuit current is directly proportional to voltage and _______ proportional to the resistance
  15. the unit of measurment for power is ?
  16. one horse power eqauls to
    746 watts
  17. power is consumed when voltage is apllied to a circuit and ____ flows through the load.
  18. The _____ the amount or unit of energy used to measure th amount of heat or work produced or consumed in a system
  19. joules law is ?
    the total amount of heat produced in a conductor is directly proportional to the resistance times the square of the current.
  20. the smallest particle to which an element can be reduced yet still retain the characteristics of a an element
  21. 3 main parts of an atom
    electrons protons nuetrons
  22. nucleus of a atom consist of the
    proton and nuetron
  23. which particle has a negative charge and rotates around the nuecleus of the atom
  24. what keeps orbiting electrons from peing pulled into the nuecleus
    centrifical force
  25. what is a conductor
    a material that allows electric current to flow easily
  26. what is a insulator
    a material that strongly resist the flow of electricity.
  27. how many electrons do semiconductors have in the valence shell
  28. what are the different ways to make electricity
    friction, chemicals, heat, pressure, light, magnetism
  29. what determines the individual cell voltage of a battery
    the metal being used for the plate.
  30. when aluminu and silver are used for a battery what metal will be the negative electrode and why?
    aluminum because it will receive more electrons than silver
  31. name the two catogories that batteries are divided into
    primary cells , secondary cells
  32. what type of battery cell can be recharged several times ?
  33. when two dissimalar metals are joined at a junction and then heated
  34. a mechanical device designed to allow or interrupt current flow in a circuit
  35. a switch that makes or breaks one circuit path ata time is reffered to as a ?
    single pole switch
  36. what switches are used to control a light in two locations
    three way switches
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