skull openings and their contents

  1. supraorbital foramen
    frontal: supraorbital nerve (V1); supraorbitral artery
  2. infraorbital foramen
    maxilla: infraorbital nerve (V2); infraorbital artery
  3. mental foramen
    mandible: mental nerve (V3)
  4. optic foramen (optic canal)
    sphenoid: optic nerve (II), intrinsic optic arteries and veins
  5. foramen rotundum
    sphenoid: maxillary nerve (V2)
  6. foramen ovale
    sphenoid: mandibular nerve (V3)
  7. foramen magnum
    occipital: spinal portion of accessory nerve (XI), vertebral arteries, spinal cord
  8. hypoglossal foramen
    occipital: hypoglossal nerve (XII)
  9. jugular foramen
    between temporal and occipital: jugular vein exiting skull, glossopharyngeal nerve (IX), vagus nerve (X), cranial portion of accessory nerve (XI)
  10. internal auditory (acoustic) meatus
    temporal: facial nerve (VII), vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII) entering petrous temporal
  11. superior orbital fissure
    sphenoid: occulomotor nerve (VIII), trochlear nerve (IV), maxillary nerve (V2), abducens nerve (VI), ophthalmic arteries
  12. inferior orbital fissure
    sphenoid: venous return for area served by facial artery
  13. stylomastoid foramen
    temporal: facial nerve (VII) exiting temporal bone to outside of face
  14. carotid canal
    temporal: carotid artery entering skull
  15. cribriform plate
    ethmoid: olfactory nerve (I)
  16. lacrimal
    lacrimal: lacrimal canal (tear duct)
  17. mandibular foramen
    mandible: mandibular nerve (V3)
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skull openings and their contents
skull opening and their contents