1. Effect of Antibiotics on the Tongue
    Peeled patches similar to St Yin Xu
  2. Effect of Corticoid Steroids on the Tongue
    Red and Swollen
  3. Effect of Bronchodilators on the Tongue
    Red Tip
  4. Effect of Diuretics on the Tongue
    Red peeled-yin type peel
  5. Effect of Anti-inflammatory on the Tongue
    Thin body/red points
  6. Effect of Antispasmodics on the Tongue
    Very think/brown-black-dry coat
  7. Anatomy: Coating
    Filiform papillae
  8. Anatomy: Surface
    Fungiform papillae or red spot
  9. Anatomy: Tongue Body
    "Almost always reflects the true condition of the body"
  10. Anatomy: Body Color
    Monitors chronic
  11. Anatomy: Body Coating
    Acute conditions
  12. Organ Most closely related to tongue, Steam produces coating
  13. Thin/white/moist
    Exterior-Wind-Cold, Most front part btw the tip and center/Can be scraped off/Easily returns
  14. Thin white/dry prickles
    Exterior-Wind-Cold about to injure by heat
  15. Thin white/greasy
  16. Thin-White-Dry
  17. Thin-Yellow
  18. Grey-black-prickles
  19. Red points in front/sides
  20. Pale, white, overly moist
  21. Pale, white, overly moist
    Interior-Cold: Arises from deficiency of Yang Qi
  22. pale, thick white, overly moist, slippery
  23. Blue
  24. Purple-Blue
    Prolonged retention cold when circulation is obstructed and stasis of blood
  25. Red or Dark Red/X's
  26. Darker red/more yellow
    You have more severe heat
  27. Brown/grey/black
    More severe heat than red
  28. Generally FLABBY and varies according to the organ deficient
    Qi Deficiency
  29. Either a thin coat on the center or a coating w/o root appears.
    Stomach Qi Deficiency
  30. Tooth marked, slightly swollen, possibly pale.
    Spleen Qi Xu
  31. Pale body. In Severe cases, tip is swollen w/ pale body.
    Heart Qi Xu
  32. Generally pale, overly wet, thin coating and white.
    Yang Xu
  33. Pale to very pale, swollen, overly wet.
    Spleen Yang Xu
  34. Swollen, overly wet.
    Kidney Yang Xu
  35. Pale body w/ the tip slightly moist.
    Heart Yang Xu
  36. Pale bluish purple, possible purple on the Sides btw the tip and center.
    Heart Yang Xu w/ Blood Stasis
  37. Thin Body
    Always suggests deficiency of Yin substances-blood/fluids
  38. Swollen
    Excess fluids, either from Yang Qi def or Heat in the body.
  39. Pale and Wet
    Deficiency of Yang leading to retention of damp.
  40. Normal Color
    Retention of DAMP-HEAT in SP/ST. Also, def of Sp Qi Heat
  41. Purple
    Alcoholism w/ damp/heat. AKA "alcoholic toxin within"
  42. Dark Bluish Purple
    POISONING leading to blood stasis
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