massage therapy review 2

  1. petrissage manipulation is the use of ....
    kneading motion by grasping your client's skin with your hands and intermittent compression against the underlying bony surface
  2. petrissage is for....
    • stimulating underlying tissue and muscles. pressure should always be applied in an upward and always in line with the bone.
  3. how is effleurage work
    • in effleurage you use your entire hand, or both hands, and you stoke the body in only one direction, stroking is normally with the venous flow,
    • efflurage induce relaxation,
    • with effleurage you can use the tip of your fingers, hands elbow and keep it relaxed
  4. how is petrissage work
    • petrissage can make flow against the venous flow,
    • petrissage can be deeper, kneading, or circular motion
    • petrissage can be stimulating
  5. why petrissage is helpful in treatment of fractures...
    is drawas additional nutricion to the area primarily and gives the maximum effect in emptying and refilling the blood vessels and lymph spaces and channels
  6. name 3 types of muscles
    voluntary, involuntary, cardiac
  7. voluntary muscles...
    • straited and cross striped,
    • are skeletal muscles and are found attached to the bones
  8. involuntary muscles...
    • non striated or smooth are found in walls of the blood vessels in the alimentary, genital and urinary system and control the movements of the stomach and the intestines
    • pupil of the eye muscles are involuntary
  9. do the muscles of an athete contain more muscle fibres than the person who does not exercise?
    no. the muscles just increase in size
  10. what is homestasis?
    a state of balance where all body systems are working in an appropriate manner
  11. in sagittal plane the ulna is distal to what
  12. cellulose can be digested by humans
  13. wich tissue help to connect muscle to bone
  14. what do ligament do for the body
    movement of the joints
  15. can the application of heat help your clients?
    warm hydrotherapy help the client to relax and feel more comfortable, and can release endorphins which makes the body feels good and so many cases release pain
  16. a elderly woman around 65-75 years who smoke and drink can be prone to have
  17. what could cause symptahtetic dystrophy disease...
    • any irritation and abnormal excitation of nervous tissue that could happen after surgery,
    • arthritis can cause this as well
  18. if you have a client who seems to be in denial about their pain and frustrations and can't seem to give you correct feedback about their situation this will refered as a
    coping strategy
  19. if you have a client who had a injury of the foot and it appears it did not heal normally and looks red and is hot to the touch what could they possible have
    sympathetic dystrophy disease
  20. what causes lordosis
    poor posture weak quadrate lumborum neuromuscular problems, back surgery
  21. what part of the body does lordosis affect
    lower lumbar
  22. why cartilage does not heal fast
    because the poor circulation of the blood
  23. what is torticollis
  24. what anothe names of wryneck
    sore neck, twisted neck, stiff neckm spasmodic torticollis
  25. how is lordosis described in the body
    curvature of the spine
  26. can massage help clients with rheumatoid arthritis and how?
    yes it would hepl to circulate the synovial fluids
  27. symptoms of osteorthritis
    • chronic, degenetaritive conditions that affect joints, specifically the articular cartilage and subchondral bone.
    • degenrative joint disease and osteoarthrosis are names for osteoarthritis
    • swelling and heat sttifnes pain
  28. what is goiter and where is it located?
    Goiter is a swelling in the neck, caused by a malfunction of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland, located in the base of the neck, absorbs iodine from the blood and uses this to produce hormones that regulate many body functions,
  29. coughing and wheezing are associated with
    asthma and bronchitis
  30. anemia is causes by _____ deficiency
  31. whatnutrient helps with the formation of our bones and our teeth?
    • vitamin D it promotes absortion of calcium and magnesium,
    • wich are esscential for the normal development of health teeth and bones
  32. what should a therapist due if a client shows up under the influence of alcohol
    tell the client that they will have to reschedule
  33. what does myocardial infraction refer to
    heart attack
  34. the glenohumeral joint is a
    ball and socket joint
  35. what skin infection is contagious from person to person contact
  36. which muscle (thick muscle) is hard to palpate in the triangle of the neck?
  37. massaging the scm can help to relieve ...
  38. intergument is the enveloping membrane of the
  39. which does the integument include
    dermis and epidermis
  40. what is tendinitis and cause
    • is inflammation of a tendon
    • cause of tendinitis is chronic overload of the tendon
  41. a woman have tendinitis, pain at the beginning,during of acivity and after activity, pain may restrict activity. what grade of tendinitis Cx have
    grade 3,
  42. what type of movemnet is related with moving the body from its longitudinal
  43. what type of modality penetrates deep tissue muscles?
  44. wich hormone is related to the sympathetic system
    cortisol, insulin oxytocin
  45. where is heavy tapotement contraindicated ?
    below the thoracic region
  46. what muscles relaxes when inhalation is involved
  47. what organ is affected in a long term disease
  48. which tubes are responsible to conduct urine from kidneys to the urinary bladders
  49. when is active free range of motion AROM performed
    • when the Cx actively contracts the muscles crossing a joint
    • moving the joint through the unrestricted range
  50. the muscle contract and shortens against a constant load would be
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