Principles of flight rotary

  1. Helicopters are capable of flight in what 5 manuevers?
    • Forward
    • backward
    • sideways
    • hover
    • vertical
  2. The primary airfoil of the helicopter is ?
    Main rotor
  3. Unlike fixed wing , the main rotor produces both____ and _____.
    Lift and thrust
  4. The span of the rotor blade is the distance from ____ to _____.
    Root to tip
  5. The chord is the distance from _____ to ______.
    Leading edge to trailing edge
  6. The shape of the airfoil affects its________.
    Flight characteristics
  7. Many helicopters use a _______ airfoil
  8. The _______ airfoil has the same curvature top and bottom
  9. The ______ is the direction of the airflow with respect to the blade?
    Relative wind
  10. If the blade moves forward horizontally , the relative wind moves ______ horizontally
  11. The rearward moving blade is the ______ blade
  12. The forward moving blade is the _____ blade
  13. Relative wind can be affected by 4 things?
    • movement of the rotor blades
    • horizontal movements of the helicopter
    • flapping of the rotor blade
    • wind speed and direction
  14. The pitch angle is the acute angle between the rotor blade ______ and the _____ plane
    chord , reference
  15. Movement of the _____ changes pitch angle
  16. The pitch angle is often confused with ?
    Angle of attack
  17. The angle of attack is the acute angle between the _____ of the airfoil and the _______
    chord , relative wind
  18. The angle of attack is dependant on the _________ and the ______ angle
    Relative wind , pitch angle
  19. Lift is the force produced by the airfoil that is perpendicular to the ______ and that opposes _____
    relative wind , gravity
  20. The force that tends to resist the airfoils passage through the air?
  21. Drag varies as a square of the________?
  22. The _______ is an imaginary point where the result of all the aerodynamic forces of the airfoil are considered to be concentrated.
    Center of pressure
  23. Movement of the ______is common on most airfoils
    Center of pressure
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