Resistance Techniques

  1. Say to yourself " NO CHOICE"
  2. Say to yourself "Oh WELL" I don't like this situation but I can't change it, so I may as well stop struggling, accept reality, and move on.

    Besides, although I may not like restricting my eating right now, I will definitely like all of the benefits of losing weight.
  3. Dispute your "I don't care" voice.
  4. Quell your "adolescent rebellion"

    this is the voice that says I'm going to do what I want .. I'm going to eat this unplanned food.
  5. read all of your response cards ...
  6. Drink water or low - calorie beverage if you're thirsty
  7. Meditate, pray, or relax.

    *take 10 deep, slow breaths through your nose and out through your mouth. concentrate on your breathing. if you start to think about food, gently bring your attention back to your breathing.

    *Change your breathing inhaling very shallowly through your nose (so your chest does not rise) and slowly count to four. then exhale shallowly as you slowly count to four. do this for two to five minutes. If you start to think about food gently bring your attention back to counting and breathing.
  8. Read your advantages deck.
    *how important is this advantage to me?
    *how important is eating this food to me?
    *which would I rather have this advantange or this food?
  9. Do a negative fast-forward
    imaging how you will feel in detail 10 min after eating the unplanned food.

    *will eating this unplanned food really be worth a few moments of pleasure?
  10. Do a positive fast forward
    imagine how you will feel in detail 10 minutes after resisting the unplanned food. how do you feel? strong? in control? proud of yourself?

    which seems better: eating or not eating unplanned food?
  11. Distract yourself.

    Find an activity. paint your nails. read a book, go for a walk. Pet your puppies. type on the computer. Write a blog.
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