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  1. inter
    between, among
  2. intermittent
    stopping and starting at intervals
  3. intermediary
    a go-between or mediator
  4. intra, intro
    within, inside
  5. intravenous
    within or by means of a vein
  6. introvert
    person who tends to turn inside from public and is preoccupied w/ own thoughts
  7. it, iter
    between, among
  8. itinerant
    traveling from place to place
  9. transitory
    not enduring, lasting or permanent
  10. ic
    of or relating to
  11. sulfuric
    relating to or containing sulfur
  12. seismic
    subject to or caused by an earthquake or earth vibration
  13. ify, if
    make or do
  14. amplify
    to make an increase in size, volume or significance
  15. pacify
    cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of
  16. ject, jet
  17. interject
    to insert b/w other things
  18. jettison
    to throw off something as an obstacle or burden; to discard
  19. jud, jur
    judge, law
  20. adjudicate
    to hear and settle a cause by judicial power
  21. judicious
    using or showing judgment as to action or practical expediency
  22. junct, jug
    to join
  23. injunction
    act or instance of enjoining; order or command
  24. adjunct
    something added to something but not essential to it
  25. lat
  26. bilateral
    pertaining to, involving or affecting 2 sides or parties
  27. unilateral
    relating to or having to do w/ one side
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