physiological psych test 3

  1. Adrenal glands secrete abnormally large amounts of androgens, person is exposed to high androgen levels before birth.
    congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)
  2. Male becomes exhausted by repeated copulaion with the same female, if a new female is introduced he will respond quickly. Named after a president.
    Coolidge effect
  3. Person is usually XXY or XYY karyotype- gonads are testes-masculine phenotype, low IQ, and sterility. Most common cause of male hypogonadism- condition where men are unable to produce both sperm and enough testostorone for the body's needs.
    Klinefelter's syndrome
  4. CAH girls experience _____________ of the genitals.
  5. Develop into either ovaries or testes.
    undifferenetiated gonads
  6. A punitive human pheromone found in vaginal secretions.
  7. Hormones that are involved in reproduction- testes function and sperm production in men and menstrual cycle in women.
    FSH and LH
  8. Part of the hypthalamus, is smaller in women and in homosexual men than in heterosexual men.
  9. Hamer (1993) showed that a portion of the X chromosome may play a role in male _________
  10. Connection from the amygdala to the VMH, it's involved in learning and fear. It is larger in males than in females, but in male transsexuals it is smaller.
  11. About a ______ of CAH girls are gay or bisexual.
  12. _______ inhibits sexual function.
  13. Part of the hypothalamus, highly involved in sexual behavior, espeically in males. Larger in males. When stimulated in rats sexual behavior increases but if obliterated they will not copulate.
  14. Nature will automatically make a _______ body if SRY is not present.
  15. Female animals have a _______ cycle, not a menstrual cycle like humans do.
  16. In an arguably strange, but useful study, Doty found that men rated odors of tampons of women worn during ________ more pleasent than those worn in other phases of the menstrual cycle.
  17. In ___ _________ _____________ __________ a person's body can not convert testostorone tothe more physiologically active dihydrotestostorone (DHT)- a "girl" will turn into a boy at puberty.
    5 alpha reductase syndrome
  18. __________ ____________ behavior differes between males and females of a species.
    Sexually dimorphic
  19. _____ and _____ increase sexual function
    DA and NE
  20. People with __________ sexual behavior issues often have frontal and temporal dysfunction.
  21. Regions of the brain that do not have ______ _______ receptors do not show sex differences
    sex steriod
  22. Endogenous chemicals that exert effects on conspecfics.
  23. An XY male will have internal male sex organs, but a lack of androgen receptors prevents external genitalia from being masculinized. Structures of the penis including the prostate fail to develop.
    androgen insensitivity
  24. First menstration
  25. Involved in the "high" of being in love
  26. States that sexual differentiation of the nervous system is guided by the same steriod (androgen) cues that guide sexual differentiation of the body.
    Organizational hypothesis
  27. The penile _________ ____________ is in the lowest part of the spinal cord.
    erection center
  28. If a rodents brain is not exposed to _________ during a critical period of development, the animal will engage in female sexual beavhior.
  29. After copulation males can not have sex again right away. This is called a _________ _________.
    refractory period
  30. The ________ __________ is activated when viewing erotic films.
    limbic system
  31. Involved in the 4 F's
  32. Monkeys showed differential sex preferences in thier selection of ______, similar to those seen in humans.
  33. Part of the hypothalamus, responds to stimulation of the genitals.
  34. Processes pheromones, evidence for a vestigial one in humans
  35. The _____ ________ of the Y chromosome causes undifferentiated goands to develop into testes.
    SRY region
  36. Involved in the rewarding properties of sex.
    Basal ganglia
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