Music Chp 11-15

  1. As opposed to popular music classical music was known as
    Serious or concert music
  2. Classical era style was a reaction to
    baroque polyphony
  3. Classical music was European music from about
    1750 to 1800
  4. In comparison to baroque music Classical music was considered what texture
  5. Baroque style flow without pauses and stopping points
    Basso continuo
  6. Describe the melody of the classical style
    Successive contrasting melodies
  7. Describe the flow of the classical style
    Clear sections with clear divisions
  8. How many movements did the classical sonata have
  9. What were the four movements of the classical sonata
  10. Describe the first movement of the classical sonata
    Sonata form
  11. Describe the second movement of the classical sonata
    Sonata theme and variations of other forms
  12. Describe the third movement of the classical sonata
    Minuet and trio, scherzo and trio form
  13. Describe the fourth movement of the classical sonata
    Rondo, sonata, other form
  14. Name the three parts to the sonata form
    • Exposition
    • Development
    • Recapitulation
  15. Describe the exposition
    • Statement of 2 themes w/ the 2nd theme in a diff. key
    • Themes are connected by a bridge
    • Exposition often repeated to reestablish theme
  16. Describe the development
    • Manipulates themes or parts of themes
    • Frequent modulations
  17. Describe recapitulation
    • Restatement of exposition themes and bridge
    • Both themes in original key of movement
    • Sometimes a coda is added to extend the conclusion
  18. Who led standardization of the orchestra
    Johann Stamitz
  19. What orchesta led the standardization of the orchestra
    Manheim Orchestra
  20. Known as the father of the string quartet and symphony
    Joseph Haydn
  21. Where was Mozart born
    Salzburg, Austria
  22. Mozart toured Europe exclusively until what age
  23. What was the name of Mozart's wife
    Constanze Weber
  24. Mozart gave up performances in what year
  25. Where did Mozart die
  26. Who created a chronological listing of Mozarts work
    Ludwig von kochel
  27. By the time classical concerto came around what style fell into disuse
    Baroque concerto grosso
  28. What two instruments were favorite solo instruments
    Violin and piano
  29. What is a cadenza
    Improvisatory style passage that features soloist with orchestral accompaniment
  30. When was the cadenza usually played
    At the end of fast movements
  31. What did the soloist play to indicate to the conductor for the orchestra to play
    A trill
  32. Were cadenzas improvised or written
  33. What instruments does a piano trio contain
    • Violin
    • Cello
    • Piano
  34. What instruments does a string quartet contain
    • 2 violins
    • Viola
    • Cello
  35. Chamber music was commissioned by
    wealthy patrons for performances in palace chambers
  36. A conductor was necessary during chamber music
  37. The most important chamber music genre of the classical era
    String quartet
  38. Where was Joseph Haydn born
    Rohrau, Austria
  39. At six what did Haydn start doing
    Playing clavier(piano), Violin and singing
  40. At age 8 Haydn was recruited to
    sing in Vienna at St.Stephens cathedral
  41. Haydn was employed by who and for how many years
    Esterhazy for nearly 30 years
  42. What two famous composers was Haydn friends with and gave lessons to
    • Mozart
    • Beethoven
  43. What two pieces were considered Haydn's vocal masterpieces
    Masses & Oratorios
  44. What mass was written to commemorate Lord Nelson's naval victory over Napoleon
    Missa in Augustiis
  45. The three classical opera genres
    • Opera Seria
    • Opera Buffa
    • Singspiel
  46. Italian serious opera
    Opera Seria
  47. Italian comic opera
    Opera Buffa
  48. German comic opera with spoken dialogue
  49. What are the properties of an act
    • Large section of an opera
    • Intermissions often observed between acts
  50. What are the properties of a scene
    • Subdivision of an act
    • Usually no intermissions
  51. Who composed the Marriage of Figaro
  52. The Marriage of Figaro was what genre
    Opera buffa
  53. The text for the MOF was translated by
    Lorenzo da Ponte
  54. The MOF was based on
    A French play by Beaumarchais
  55. Motives
    Short themes or parts of themes
  56. Modulation
    Frequent changing of tonal centers
  57. The first composer to gain equal footing with the aristocracy somiplr because of his genius
  58. Beethoven was a child prodigy T or F
  59. At what age was Beethoven a substitute court organist
  60. At what age did Beethoven die
  61. Where was Beethoven born
    Bonn, Germany
  62. Which symphony was Beethoven's most popular
  63. How many symphonies did Mozart write
  64. What was the name of Beethoven's only opera
  65. Beethoven increased the size of the orchestra by addding what groups of instruments
    • Percussion
    • Woodwinds
    • Brass
  66. Orchestration
    Utilizing instruments for expressive purposes
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