Cranial Nerves

  1. Name mnemonic
    Oh Oh Oh To Touch A Female Vagina Gives Vern A Hotdog
  2. Function mnemonic
    • Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Bad Business Marry Money
    • Some Say Money Matters But My Brother Says Big Boobs Matter More
  3. CN I
    • olfactory
    • sensory: provides sense of smell
  4. CN II
    • optic
    • sensory: provides sense of vision
  5. CN III
    • oculomotor
    • motor: to some extraocular eye muscles
  6. CN IV
    • trochlear - pulley
    • motor: to one extraocular eye muscle (the superior oblique muscle)
  7. CN V
    • trigeminal
    • sensory: to skin of face, forehead, teeth, lips, gum
    • motor: to muscles of mastication
  8. CN VI
    • abducens
    • motor: to one extraocular eye muscle (lateral rectus muscle)
  9. CN VII
    • facial
    • sensory: provides sense of taste to anterior 2/3 of tongue
    • motor: muscles of facial expression (and others)
  10. CN VIII
    • vestibulocochlear
    • sensory: vestibular portion provides sense of balance (goes to vestibular regions)
    • sensory: cochlear portion provides sense of hearing (goes to cochlea)
  11. CN IX
    • glossopharyngeal
    • glosso = tongue, pharyngeal = pharynx
    • sensory: taste to posterior 1/3 of tongue; monitors blood pressure, pH, O2 and CO2 levels
    • motor: innervates pharyngeal muscles
  12. CN X
    • vagus
    • sensory: to pharynx, ear canal and to visceral organs in thoracic (heart/lungs) and abdominaopelvic (guts) cavity
    • motor: pharyngeal muscles and visceral organs in abdominopelvic cavity
  13. CN XI
    • accessory
    • motor: to sternocleidomastoid and trapezius (and others)
  14. CN XII
    • hypoglossal
    • motor: muscles in bottom of the tongue
  15. How does the eye work?
    • [LR6(SO4)3]
    • Lateral Rectus (6), Superior Oblique (4), and all the rest are 3 (oculomotor)
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