forearm and hand

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  1. Olecarnon process
    big part of the ttochlea notch
  2. Trochlea notch
    the arc from the olecron process to the Coronoid process
  3. Coronoid Process
    The bottom of the trochlea notch
  4. Radial notch
    where the radius fits into the ulna on the top of the ulna
  5. Head of Ulna
    The side with the tochlea notch
  6. Styloid process of Ulna
    Small tubrial process on the medial side of the ulna
  7. Radius
    Smaller lateral long bone
  8. Head of radius
    small circular flat end
  9. neck of radius
    right below the head of radius
  10. Radial Tuberosity
    small process on the top half of radius, right below the neck on the lateral side of the radius
  11. Styloid process of Radius
    process on the medial side of the radius on the bottom half of the radius.
  12. Ulnar notch
    On the latteral side of the radius directly opposite from te styloid process
  13. Carpals
    • Wrist bones of the hand
    • (Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can't Handel)
    • (Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetum, Pisiform,Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hamate)
    • From Superior meadial to lateral back to inferior medial and to lateral.
  14. Scaphoid
    Peanut shaped bone
  15. Lunate
    lateral to the scaphoid
  16. Triquetrum
    directly below the pisaform, lateral to the lunate
  17. Pisaform
    small pea shaped bone on top of triquetrum
  18. Trapezium
    Directly below the thumb
  19. Trapezoid
    medial to the trapezium
  20. Capitate
    middle large carpal bone
  21. Hammate
    has a small hook on top (hook of hamate
  22. Metacarpals 1-5
    First of the phalanges
  23. Phalanges
    second three bones proxial closest after the metacarpals to the wrist, medial in the middle, and distal to the finger tips.
  24. Metacarpalphalangeal joint (1-5)
    the joint between the metacarpals and the carpals
  25. Interphalangeal joint
    only on the thumb
  26. Proximal interpalangeal (2-5)
    Joint between the proximal and medail phalanges
  27. Distal interphalangeal joint
    Medial to distal phalanges
  28. Brachioradialis m.
    attachment point is the humerus to the staphoid process of the radialis, wraps around, under the Extensor carpiradialis longus
  29. Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus m.
    on top of the brachoradialis
  30. Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis m.
    Medial to the extensor carpi radialis longus
  31. Supinator m.
    Below the brachioradialis
  32. Extensor digitorum
    attaches to the digits
  33. Extensor Carpi Ulnaris
    attaches by the 5th phalange
  34. Pronator Teres m.
    anterior lateral to the flexor carpi radialis
  35. Flexor Carpi radialis m.
    medial to the pronator teres and lateral to the Flexor carpi ulnaris
  36. Flexor Carpi Ulnaris m.
    most medial of the anterior muscles
  37. Flexor digitorum superficialis
    deep to the Flexor carpi radialis and the Flexor carpi ulnaris and superficial to the Flexor digitorum Profundus
  38. Flexor digitorum profundus
    deep to the Flexor digitorum superficialis on the anterior side
  39. Thenar m.
    m. that controls the thumb
  40. Extensor pollicus brevis
    lateral m. that attaches to the thumb
  41. Abductor pollicus brevis
    medial to the extensor pollicus brevis
  42. Flexor retinaculum
    wrist band
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