Bobby's Random Notecards XV

  1. (Dynasty) Extended the Grand Canal
    Yuan Dynasty
  2. Claimed the French throne in opposition to Edward III
    Philip VI
  3. FIrst woman to serve in both the House and Senate
    Margaret Chase Smith
  4. James Madison's Secretary of State
    Robert Smith
  5. "Belief in Luck" book
    Theory of the Leisure Class
  6. First Secretary of Defense
    James Forrestal
  7. Portuguese king who gave orders to Vasco da Gama
  8. Strangled by Narcissus
  9. Russian agent murdered in London
    Alexander Litvinenko
  10. This term is the goal of Hinduism, liberation from Samsara
  11. Term for the proper behavior that will allow one to escape rebirth
  12. Connecticut commander who surrendered at Durham Station
  13. Daughter of Caesar who was gonna marry Pompey
  14. Formed by the Holston and French Broad Rivers
  15. (Trib) Samara River
    Dnieper River
  16. (Trib) Prupyat River
    Dnieper River
  17. Smolensk lies on what river?
    Dnieper River
  18. Glimpses of World History
  19. Sent troops to put down Dorr's Rebellion
  20. City that won the battle of Tegyra
  21. Won Battle of Chacabuco
    San Martin
  22. Had Rubellius Plautus executed
  23. Wrote about Scientists as Spies
    Franz Boas
  24. Contained in the Sykes-Picot Agreement
    Balfour Declaration
  25. Angered by the Council of Avranches
    Henry II
  26. Wrote Economy and Society
  27. Put down the January Uprising
    Alexander II
  28. VP 40 and VP 24 are related to this virus
  29. Used the Bando-Bast taxation system
    Akbar the Great
  30. Wrote Fixation of Belief
    Charles Sanders Pierce
  31. Wrote How to Make Our Ideas Clear
    Charles Sanders Pierce
  32. Founded by John Lewis
  33. Makpo and Pusan are cities in this country
    South Korea
  34. Concerned the 80-20 rule
  35. Founded the Likud Party
    Menachem Begin
  36. Highest point of Virginia
    Mount Rogers
  37. Operation related to Dien Bien Phu
    Operation Castor
  38. Basin full of mummies in the Taklamakan Desert
    Tarim Basin
  39. Led the Barebones Parliament
    Oliver Cromwell
  40. Talked about "knowledge by association" and "knowledge by description"
    Bertie Russell
  41. Won the Battle of Camden
    Lord Cornwallis
  42. Charles d'Albret led the main failed cavalry charge at this battle
    Battle of Agincourt
  43. 8000 Process Scandal occurred here
  44. Assassinated Harvey Milk
  45. Ben Franklin Effect concerns this phenomenon
    Cognitive Dissonance
  46. Lost the Battle of Caseros
    Juan Manuel de Rosas
  47. Had Rubellius Plautus assassinated
  48. VIVAX is related to this disease
  49. Created the Blue Division
    Francisco Franco
  50. Received an elephant from the Abbasids named Abul-Abbas
  51. Won the Battle of Karbala
    Umayyad Caliphate
  52. Created Categorical triads
  53. Argued the Parson's Cause
    Patrick Henry
  54. Brooks-Baxter Affair occurred in this state
  55. Wrote about Eternal Recurrence
    Friedrich Nietzsche
  56. French king married to Anne of Austria
    Louis XIII
  57. Virginia governor opposed to integration
    Harry Byrd
  58. Wrote Presidential Succession of 1910
    Francisco Madero
  59. Elected president of Mexico in 1911
    Francisco Madero
  60. Rebelled against Madero and had him killed
    Victoriano Huerta
  61. Mexican president who died at Fort Bliss
    Victoriano Huerta
  62. Overthrew Victoriano Huerta
    Venustiano Carranza
  63. Westernmost of the Aleutians
  64. Japan's last shogun
  65. Chief Justice for Plessy v Ferguson
  66. Jewish farm communities in Israel
  67. Russian leader who issued the Pale of Settlement
    Catherine the Great
  68. Confederate ship captured with diplomats to Great Britain
    RMS Trent
  69. Wrote his dissertation on the "concept of irony"
  70. Wrote The Concept of Anxiety
  71. Co-emperor with Constantine
  72. Won the battle of Cibalae
  73. Lincoln Steffens wrote about the "Shame of" these
  74. Black guy who assisted Robert Peary
    Matthew Henson
  75. Governor of Massachusetts during Shays' Rebellion
    John Hancock
  76. Led troops against Shays
    Benjamin Lincoln
  77. Eli Parson and Luke Day were leaders of this uprising
    Shays' Rebellion
  78. Pierce's Secretary of State
    William Marcy
  79. Peninsula that contains Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia
    Delmarva Peninsula
  80. Won the Battle of Pichincha
  81. Won the Battle of Ayacucho
  82. Seat of Chile's government
  83. Saudi Arabian king killed in 1975
  84. Bikini Atoll is in this country
    Marshall Islands
  85. Capital is Hagatna
  86. Sailed with Louis Joliet
  87. Fernando Lugo led this country
  88. Big island in the Barents Sea
    Novaya Zemlya
  89. Contains "The Origin of Table Manners" and "The Raw and the Cooked"
  90. Napoleon's win at this battle led to the Treaty of Tilsit
    Battle of Friedland
  91. Governor of Texas shot with JFK
    John Connally
  92. First female presidential nominee
    Victoria Woodhull
  93. Leader of the PRM, created PEMEX
  94. River that passes through Bordeaux
  95. Mistress to Charles II
    Nell Gwyn
  96. Leader of the NKVD executed after Stalin's death
  97. Most populous Chinese province
    Guangdong Province
  98. Dom Pedro II was from this royal house
  99. Carthaginian navigator
  100. Two people who killed Bobby Franks
    Leopold and Loeb
  101. Discusses "The Emotional Factor"
    Why I am Not A Christian
  102. Greatest of the Assyrian generals
  103. Largest island in Solomon Islands, owned by Papua New Guinea
  104. Forms border between Arkansas and part of Missouri
    St. Francis River
  105. Leader of the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas
    David Koresh
  106. Bombed by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City
    Murrah Buildings
  107. Counting of the Omer connects these two holidays
    • Passover
    • Shavu'ot
  108. Governor of Georgia in the 1930s and 1940s
    Eugene Talmadge
  109. Ran with Teddy Roosevelt in 1912
    Hiram Johnson
  110. Guapore River forms the border between these two countries
    • Bolivia
    • Brazil
  111. Also known as the Swabian Dynasty
    Hohenstaufen Dynasty
  112. Held the Sicilian throne from 1194-1266 (Dynasty)
  113. Sicilian Vespers were against this monarch
    Charles I
  114. Controls the islands of Cres and Krk
  115. Sections of England that don't lose representatives despite population loss
    Rotten Borough
  116. The Serpent's Mouth (Columbus Channel) separates what two countries?
    • Trinidad and Tobago
    • Venezuela
  117. Mona Passage separates what two islands?
    • Puerto Rico
    • Hispaniola
  118. Older brother of Napoleon
    Joseph Bonaparte
  119. Led by Donald DeFreeze, captured Patty Hearst
    SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army)
  120. Hindu scriptures learned sitting at the feet of a teacher
  121. The infinite universe described by the Upanishads
  122. In Hindu, this is the separate individual soul of each being
  123. Six men named Mithridates ruled this kingdom
  124. What was the capital of Russian Alaska?
  125. Brother of William the Conqueror who commissioned the Bayeux Tapestry
  126. Led the Prague Spring
    Alexander Dubcek
  127. Took over Czech Republic in 2003
    Vavclav Klaus
  128. Left the cabinet because of an affair with a barmaid
  129. Eaton Affair occurred during whose presidency
  130. George Wallace's running mate
    Curtis LeMay
  131. Two men sent to explore the Oregon Trail
    • Charles Fremont
    • Kit Carson
  132. Successor to Charlemagne
    Louis the Pious
  133. Leading advisor to Charlemagne
    Alcuin of York
  134. Formed at the confluence of the Red and Mississippi Rivers
    Atchafalaya River
  135. Finished in third for the Election of 1824
    William H Crawford
  136. Fought over by Finland and Sweden
    Aland Islands
  137. City founded by Djoser
  138. City that served as the capital of the Panama Canal Zone
  139. Cardinal Richelieu worked with this monarch
    Louis XIII
  140. Cornwallis lost this North Carolina battle to Nathaniel Greene
    Battle of Guilford Courthouse
  141. Patrick Ferguson lost this frontier battle during the American Revolution
    Battle of Kings Mountain
  142. Major city in Kazakhstan
  143. First lady who cofounded a drug rehab center
    Betty Ford
  144. Started the White House Easter Egg Roll
    Lucy Hayes
  145. Egyptian who was Secretary General in the 1990s
    Boutros Boutros-Ghali
  146. Second-most populous Afghan city
  147. Most populous city in Eastern Afghanistan
  148. Birmingham police chief who attacked people with hoses and dogs
    Bull Connor
  149. President whose presidency saw the Webster-Ashburton Treaty
    John Tyler
  150. President whose presidency saw the Alaska Boundary Settlement
    Teddy Roosevelt
  151. Resulted from the putting down of the Monmouth Rebellion
    Bloody Assizes
  152. Lake Winnipesaukee is in this state
    New Hampshire
  153. Cathedral of Pines is in this state
    New Hampshire
  154. Grand Monadnock Mountains are in this state
    New Hampshire
  155. Capital of New Hampshire
  156. River that passes through New Hampshire
    Merrimack River
  157. Has a namesake linguistic hypothesis with Whorf
    Edward Sapir
  158. Swiss linguist whose lectured are documented in Course in General Linguistics
    Ferdinand de Saussure
  159. Wrote A Voyage to Terra Australis
    Matthew Flinders
  160. Sued Goodyear because of a Fair Pay Act problem
    Lily Ledbetter
  161. American filibuster who declared himself president of Nicaragua
    William Walker
  162. Alexander Suvurov was essential in winning this war
    Russo-Turkish War
  163. Henry Lane Wilson helped overthrow this Mexican president
    Francisco Madero
  164. Most populous city on the Illinois River
  165. Flew over the North Pole with Amundsen, namesake Antarctic mountain range
  166. Led Joseph Kony
    Lord's Resistance Army
  167. Gave the Pumpkin Papers to HUAC
    Whittaker Chambers
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