Vet Mgmt- Hiring process

  1. the companys written goal which includes 4 core values:
    • 1. quality
    • 2. integrity
    • 3. compassion
    • 4. service
  2. about ___% of revenue should be used to pay veterinary staff such as the vet techs, receptionists, and assistants.
  3. where does the employee get information on what the he or she does well and what aspects they should work on
  4. when people and staff buy into the quality and integrity of the veterinary hospital
    the "buy-in" theory
  5. what policies and procedures are given to an employee upon hiring
    • 1. employee handbook
    • 2. OSHA compliance and other regulatory agencies
    • 3. SOPs
    • 4. client management
  6. lists the details of salary, paid holidays, overtime, policies
    employee handbook
  7. whos in charge of diagnosing, making prescriptions, treatment plan, client education, surguries, and collection of current info on patients
  8. whos in charge of taking history, medical concerns and symptoms, active listening, checking vitals, deleivering medications and vaccs, and confirm the clients education
    vet techs
  9. who may retrain patients for vets and vet techs, and assist with the preparations of procedures
    veterinary assistants
  10. who may answer phones, check in and check out patients, collect payments, gather basic contact info and record keeping
    client care receptionist
  11. which agencies have set guideline financial benchmarks for the veterinary industry
    AVMA & AHA
  12. set up of the day. the way appointments and emergency cases are arranged
  13. how to control inventory
    • 1. who is responsible
    • 2. ways to manage it
    • 3. controlled substances
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