Shoulder anatomy

  1. Clavical
    aka collar bone
  2. Acromial end
    rounded end of the clavical
  3. Sternal end
    Flat end of clavical
  4. Acromion porcess
    extention of scapular spine
  5. scapular spine
    lip that sticks out of the scapula
  6. supraspinous fossa
    valley between the superior angle and the scapular spine
  7. axillary border
    latteral to the verebre
  8. Glenoid fossa
    where the humerous attaches
  9. Coracoid Process
    loos like chicken wing..on costal side of scapula
  10. superior angle
    behind scapular spine
  11. Body of Scapula
    whole thing
  12. Supra Scapular Notch
    notch thatis a 60 degree angle, only notch on scapula
  13. inferior angle
    bottom of scapula
  14. Costal surface
    Surface that has the chicken wing on it
  15. Posterior surface
    same side with the scapualr spine
  16. medial border
    twords the spine
  17. lateral angle
    between wing and glenoid fossa
  18. Humerous
    Long arm bone
  19. Head of Humerous
    rounded end of humerous
  20. Atomical neck of humerous
    top part of head of humerous
  21. Greater Tubercle
    On lateral side of the head of humerous
  22. Lesser tubercle
    medial to the greater tubercle
  23. surgical neck
    weekest point of humerus
  24. Deltiod tuberosity
    long portrussion on the body of the humerus
  25. Lateral epicondyle of humerus
    same side as greater tubercle, and the outer most process
  26. Medial Epicondyle of humerus
    same side as the rounded side of the humerus
  27. Olecranon fossa
    makes an "O"
  28. Coronoid fossa
    small notch on the opposite side of olecranon fossa
  29. Radial Fossa
    in between capitulum and trochlea of humerus
  30. Trochlea
    Pivital spot for the ulna
  31. Capitulum
    inbetween the epicondyle and trochlea
  32. Bicipital groove
    inbetween greater and lesser tubercle
  33. Trapezious m.
    wide covering top part of back and covers the levator
  34. Rhomboid major m.
    right below levator
  35. Rhomboid minor m.
    below rhomboid major
  36. Levator Scapule m.
    neck to the edge of the scapula
  37. Latisimus dorsi m.
    side covering
  38. Deltoid m.
    covers top of shoulder
  39. Supraspinatus m.
    looks like its in the supraspinous fossa.
  40. Infraspinatus m.
    on the posterior side of scapule. covers most on scapula
  41. Subscapularis m.
    covers the most on the costal surface of the scapula
  42. Teres major m.
    second part on the posterior usrface of scapula. 2nd most covering
  43. Teres minor m.
    inbetween infraspinatus and teres major m.
  44. Pectorialis major m.
  45. pectorialis minor m.
    underneith ther pecs
  46. serratus anterior m.
    finger like group of muscles below the armpit.
  47. Triceps Brachii m.
    on the posterior side of the arm
  48. Biceps Brachii m.
    2 attacment points anterior side of arm
  49. Brachialis m.
    in between Brachii m.
  50. Coracobrachilais
    Barely see. by biceps
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