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  1. What effect does lithium have on Na level?
    it decreases it by displacing it
  2. 3 drugs for prolactinemia?
    • bromocriptine
    • pergolide
    • cerbergoline
  3. GH for Dwarfism?
  4. 2 Drugs that cause DI?
    • Lithium
    • demeclocycline
  5. 2 tx for DI?
    • vassopressin
    • desmopressin
  6. Coniviptan blocks what?T
    • V1 and V2
    • V2
  7. Entrapment neuropathy?
    carpal tunnel
  8. 3 strategies for osteoporosis?
    • bisphosphonates
    • somatoropin
    • relexifine
  9. Primary cause of parathyrodism?
    • adenoma
    • low calcium--> high calcium
  10. What is the diff in phosphoate homeostasis with PTH and vit D?
    • PTH--increases po4 exrection in kidney
    • Vit D--increase po4 absorption in intestine
  11. PTH function?
    • increases Ca and Po4 resorption from bone
    • increases Ca absorptionin kidney
    • increases PO3 excretion in kidney
    • activates vit D--which absorbs ca and po4 in intestine
  12. SIADH tx?
    • demeclocycline
    • Coniviptan
    • Tolvaptan
  13. ADH and Oxytocin production
    • supraoptic
    • paraventricular
  14. Tx for pit adenoma?
    • bromocriptine to stop prolactin
    • octeotride---somatostatin analog to stop GH
  15. In case of hypo. ant. pit what HR decreases first and which one should be treated first?
    • GnRH goes down first--sexual dysfunction
    • ACTH def. must be treated first with cortisol to maintain sugar and BP
  16. Tx for lithium induced DI?
  17. DI tx?
  18. Somatostatin has 3 inhibitory roles what are they?
    What secretes it?
    • Hypothalamus--inhibit GH and TSH
    • D cells of pancreas-stop insulin, glucagon, enzymes
    • GI mucosa--gastrin, pepsinogen
  19. ADh vasoconstriction via what receptor?
  20. Measurment of GH can be done by looking at what?
    somatomedin c /IGF-1
  21. In normal PTs what effect does glucose have on GH?
    • low glucose--high GH
    • high glucose--low GH
  22. GH receptor for acromegaly?
  23. Cortisol production inhibitor used to diagnose ACTH deficiency?
  24. Somatostatin analog for tx of carcinoid, gastrinoma, glucogonoma, acromegaly?
  25. 5 releasing HR from Hypothalamus?
    • PIH
    • TRH
    • GnRH
    • GHRH
    • CRH
  26. How do diagnose GH deficiency with insulin?
    give insuling-->low sugar--> GH levels should rise
  27. 3 Causes for hypo. ant. pit?
    • post partum hemorrhage
    • inflammation--encephalitis, sarcoidosis
    • pit. apoplexy--hemorrhagic infarct due to pit. adenoma
  28. V1 acts thru what receptor?
    Gq via ip3 and DAG
  29. Sheehans?
    atrophy of ant. pit due to decreased perfusion during labor
  30. Tx for Hyperparathyrodism?
    • calcitonin
    • Bisphosphoates--drugs ending in DRONATE
  31. Risedronate?
    bisphosphonate for Pagets
  32. Recombinant PTH for Osteoporosisn?
  33. Tx for Hypercalcemia?
    • IV saline
    • Furosemide
    • Calcitonin
    • Pamidronate
  34. what are the levels of Ca and PO4 in pseudoparathyrodism?
    what causes it?
    • ca and po4 are low
    • renal failure and low vit d cause it
    • all due to defective pTH receptors
  35. Hypcalcemia does what do the QT interval?
    prolongs it--torsaides the point? yup
  36. T3 or T4 is predominatly active?
  37. Euthyroid?
    normal T4
  38. What 2 conditions elevate TBG and total t4 but free t4 is normal?
    What 3 conditions decreaese TBG and total t4 but free T4 is still normal?
    • pregnancy and tamoxifen--due to estrogen
    • nephrotic syndrome and androgens
  39. What index do we look at to see normal thyroid levels?
    FT4 index
  40. what do u measure to see thyroid levels?
  41. Highly sensitive TSH is done when?
  42. What do you treat? Hyperthyrodism, or hypothyrodism?
    when do u do radioactive uptake?
    • Treat Hypothyrodism
    • Radioactiv Uptake in Hyperthyrodism
  43. RAIU is high?
    • grave
    • goiter
  44. RAIU is low/
    someone is ingesting thyroid hormone
  45. what one is used in pregnancy?
    methimazole or propylthiouracil?
  46. Tx for hyperthyrodism?
    • propylthiouracil
    • methimaozle
    • block oxidation of iodine
    • block coupling of iodine to tyrosine
  47. High dose of propylthiouracil does what?
    prevent conversion of T4 to T3
  48. Inhibitors of iodine uptake?
    • thyocyante
    • perchlorate
    • pertechnate
  49. What is give after radiation exposure?
  50. WhAT 6 drugs prevent conversion of T4 to T3?
    • glucocoritcoids
    • propranolol
    • lithium
    • amiodarone
    • propylthiouracil
  51. Therapy for Thyrotoxicosis?
    • Iodine
    • PTU
    • propranolo
    • dexamethasone
  52. Tx for Toxic Multinodular Goiter/Plummer dz?
    • radioactive Iodine
    • destroy thyroid cells
  53. MOA of Iodine?
    stops releae of thyroid hormone
  54. Pretibial myxedema is what thyroid disorder?
  55. Tx for Hypothyrodism?
    • levothyroxine
    • levothyroinine
    • Liotrix
  56. What abs are seen in Hashimotos?
  57. Cretinism is associated with what congenital disorder/
    umbilical hernia
  58. What condition can give you coma?
    hypo or hyperthyrodism?
    • hypo
    • give IV and levothyroxine
  59. Subacute thyroditis follows what?
    viral illness
  60. What disorder presents with hyper then hypothyrodism?
    • subacute
    • low RAIU
  61. In what thyroid condition do you get high ESR?
    Subacute thyroditis
  62. 2 examples of suppressing adenomas from making too much hormone?
    • prolactinoma
    • pit. cushings
  63. What happens in a dexamethsone test to cortisol/acth with high dose?
    if pituitary tumor?
    adrenal tumor?
    Small cell carcinoma?
    • pituitary--low cortisol/acth
    • adrenal--low acth, high cortisol
    • small cell carcinoma--high acth, high cortisol
  64. Drugs used for Cushings?
    • Aminoglutethimide--stops desmolase
    • Metyrapone--blocks 11 beta hydroxylase
    • Trilostane--3 beta hydroxylase
  65. Adrenocortical Insufficiency?
  66. Hyperpigmentation of skin in what endocrine disorder?
  67. Short acting glucocorticoid?
    Hydrocortizone--mineralocorticoid action
  68. Intermediate acting Glucocorticoids?>
    • Prednisone
    • Prednisolone
    • Methylprednisilone
  69. Long acting Glucocorticoids?
  70. Second line replacement for Addisons?
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