Pharm Endocrine

  1. What is diff in terms of phosphate homeostasis with PTH and Vitamin D?
    • PTH--increases Phosphate exretion in kidney
    • Vitamin D-increases phosphate absorption in intestine
  2. 4 PTH function
    • ca and po4 resorption
    • increase po4 exrection in kidney
    • increases ca absorption in DCT
    • upregulate alpha 1 hydroxylase--which activated VITAMin D which reabsorbs ca from intestine
  3. SIADH tx
    • demeclocycline
    • Coniviptan --blocks V1 and V2
  4. ADH and oxytocin are produced where?
    supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei
  5. Tx for pit. adenoma
    • surgery
    • radiation therapy
    • bromocriptine--stop prolactin
    • octerotride--somatostatin analog block GH
  6. In case of hypo. ant. pit. what hormone goes down first?
    Which one should be treated?
    • GnRH--sexual dysfunction ensues
    • ACTH def. should be treated with cortisol to maintain sugar level and BP
  7. TX for Lithium induced DI?
  8. Tx for DI?
  9. Somatostatin has 2 roles in two diff places? WHat releases it?
    • hypothalamus--blocks GH and TSH
    • D cells of pancreas- stop insulin, glucagon, pancreatic enzymes
    • GI-block gastrin, pepsinogen
  10. What effect does lithium have on Na level ?
    decreases it via displacement
  11. 3 Drugs for Prolactinemia?
    • ergot derived:
    • Bromocriptine
    • Pergolide
    • Cerbergoline
  12. GH for dwarfism?
  13. 2 Drugs that cause DI?
    • Lithium
    • Demeclocycline
  14. 2 Tx for neurogenic DI?
    • desmopressin-releases vwf factor from endothelium
    • vasopressin
  15. ENtrapment neuropathy?
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • GH/Pregnancy
  16. 3 Strategies for post menopausal osteoporosis?
    • Bisphosphonates
    • Relexifine
    • Somatotropin
  17. Primary cause for Hyperparathyrodism?
    • Adenoma
    • low ca---> high PTH
  18. Coniviptan blocks which receptors?
    • V1 and V2
    • V2--Tolvaptan
  19. What ADh receptor does Vasoconstriction?
  20. Measurment of what tells you about levels of GH?
    Somatomedin c /IGF-1
  21. Excess GH production in Kids?
    • kids--gigantism
    • adults--acromegaly
  22. In normal pts, glucose has what effect on GH?
    • low glucose high GH
    • high Glucose, low GH
  23. GH receptor antagonist for gigantism?
  24. Drug to diagnose ACTh deficiency?
    Metyrapone--inhibit cortisol production which should increase acth
  25. Somatostatin analog for acromegaly, carcinoid, glucagonoma, gastrinoma?
  26. 5 Releasing HR from Hypothalamus?
    • CRH
    • GHRH
    • GnRH
    • PID
    • TRH
  27. How to diagnose GH deficiency?
    give insulin--> low glucose--> should increase GH
  28. 3 Causes for Hypo. Ant. Pit?
    • inflamation-encephalitis, sarcoidosis
    • post partum hemorrhage
    • pit. apoplexy--hemorrhagic infact due to pit. adenoma
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